We Are Docue: Ashleigh Evans, Legal Counsel, UK

Welcome to the second edition of We Are Docue, a series where we introduce all the talented and passionate people who make Docue an amazing platform—and an exceptional place to work.

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Check out Docue's brand new Legal Hub

We are very happy to announce that we have just launched our newest feature – the Legal Hub. Docue's go-to resource for business legal support.

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cover image with text for blog post on contract writing with chatgpt

ChatGPT & contract writing is a combination you should avoid — here's why

ChatGPT may seem like a helpful tool when it comes to contract writing, but here's why it really isn't.

Docue's Legal Team

Founders using legal templates to protect their startup

Don't risk it: why your startup needs proper legal templates now

Using legal templates can save you time and money whilst also protecting your business from legal risks, and you don't need to hire lawyers to create documents from scratch anymore.

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Creating Contracts as a Founder? Here's How to Make it Quick and Painless

As a founder, navigating the legal complexities of creating contracts can be a daunting task, but with these expert tips, you can streamline the process and save time and hassle.

Illustration showing how AI is making contract management easier

3 Ways AI can improve contract management for SMEs and small businesses

Contract management used to be time-consuming, complex, and error-prone. AI is changing all that.

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Contract Management Process depicited

How to Hack the Contract Management Process for Better Business Outcomes

The contract management process can be hacked to save you a ton of time, worry and money. Here's how.

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What legal information do you need on your website? (A 5-step checklist for UK companies)

After spending countless hours designing your website, crafting compelling content, and optimising its functionality, there's still one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked; legal compliance. As a website owner, it's your responsibility to ensure that your website meets all relevant legal requirements.

A person adds esignature to a pdf

How to eSign a PDF (The Easy Way)

Are you looking for an easy way to sign a PDF document without having to print it out, sign it with pen and paper, and re-scan the document? This guide will show you how to do it the easy and smart way. 

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Assignment vs Licensing: 6 benefits of both when it comes to your IP (Incl. Templates)

When it comes to intellectual property (IP), there are two main ways in which an owner can share their creation with another party; assignment and licensing. While these two terms are often used interchangeably, they are actually very different, and if you’re an IP owner, it’s important to understand the difference between them to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your IP.

Business man trying to manage contract management process while juggling business needs

The Contract Management Process Is Business Critical: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Get your business set up for contract management success and learn the fundamentals of the process.

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12 Best Contract Management Software Solutions: A Buyer's Guide for UK Businesses

Need contract management software but don't know where to start? This guide aims to help you choose the right product for your business.


Contract Lifecycle Management: The Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to contract lifecycle management. In this new guide you’ll learn everything you'll need know about CLM including: key features, business benefits, pricing and lots more.

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A graphic showing a perfect job offer letter

Job Offer Letters: A Simple (But Complete) Guide + Template

While there are lots of employment strategies for building the right team, many forget to consider the importance of a job offer letter. A well-crafted job offer letter has the power to convince the ideal candidate, while a sub-par letter has the potential to destroy any chance of acceptance.

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An image comparing DocuSign with Docue, which is the right e signature and contract making tool for you

DocuSign vs. Docue: Which Contract Management Tool You Should Choose in 2023

In this blog series we provide facts about different contract management tools—that's right, just the facts, no spin. Keep scrolling for our analysis and to learn more about choosing the best tool for your business!

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4 Reasons Why Suppliers Need a Distribution Agreement (plus a Lawyer-Drafted Template)

As a business owner, you will have heard of, or may have already used a distributor to market and distribute your products either wholesale or retail. Appointing a distributor or reseller is an easy way of getting your products in front of new customers with minimal cost and effort.

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We Are Docue: Meet Neil Edwards, VP Sales, UK

Welcome to the first edition of We Are Docue, a series where we introduce all the talented and passionate people who make Docue an amazing platform—and an exceptional place to work.

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Docue officially launches in the UK

Big news! If you haven't heard yet: our category-defining Contract Automation Platform is now available for businesses in the UK.

Image of cut out lady justice statue representing a fair settlement agreement

Settlement Agreements: What they are and how to make them work for your business

Given the inevitably of employee disputes, settlement agreements—to appease disgruntled staff while protecting the employer—are essential to your business.

Docue Legal Team

An image representing Articles of Association for a UK business

Articles of Association: A Guide for Small Business & Startups in the UK

Articles of Association are a company’s constitution, so you can think of them as the governing document, forming a contract between the business and its shareholders.

Docue Legal Team


Why Docue is the contract management tool in-house legal teams REALLY need

If you are an in-house lawyer, here's how Docue's contract automation and legal document management will help speed up and level up your work.

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A small business owner signing a contract following successful contract negotiation strategy

Contract Negotiation for SMEs & Startups: The Complete Guide

Manage risks and better protect your business by mastering the art of contract negotiation

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An image of a typewriter producing a manual intellectual property contract template

Intellectual property rights: A complete guide for UK Businesses in 2022

Without solid intellectual property ownership contracts, businesses run the risk of losing their most innovative assets.

Docue Legal Team


Digital Signature: A Complete Guide for UK Businesses

We’ve set out the complete guide to digital signatures, including their use, their benefits, and their legal standing in the UK.

Docue Legal Team

Photo shows a meeting in a startup illustrating a post about legal support for startups

Legal Support for Startups: 10 Tips from Lawyers Who've Been There

Startups have a lot on their plate. From developing innovative products to securing legal support, the early days of running a business can be likened to a hurricane of administrative tasks. And the worst part? There’s no cheat code when it comes to successfully running a startup.

Docue Legal Team

Graphic representing a small business owner holding an automated business contract template in the palm of their hand

10 Contract Templates Every UK Business Needs (Incl. Tips on Using Them)

Running a business comes with a set of legal requirements, and yet, many are left in the dark as to the what, why, and how, of meeting those obligations. What contract templates does a business need? And what exactly needs to be included in UK contract templates?

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How Docue is Transforming Legal Services for Businesses

We believe that every entrepreneur should be able to draw up high-quality contracts for their own business quickly and effortlessly. That's why we developed a cost effective service that enables business owners to create a legally valid document in minutes using intelligent document templates and comprehensive guidance.

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Meet the Founder who Wants to Democratise Legal Services for All: An interview with Docue’s Marko Teppo

Docue was born from the simple yet revolutionary idea that enabling lawyers to digitise legal content and encode it with its own legal logic could help democratise legal services for everyone.

A picture of Docue customer success specialist, Gustav Wiik

Gustav Wiik