Accelerate your business, one agreement at a time

Speed up sales, administration and time to value using Docue’s all-in-one contract automation software. Create, send and sign lawyer-grade documents in minutes.

Make smarter, faster agreements

With Docue, you can find and create the legal documents you need in seconds. Choose from a collection of premeditated legal templates that are always up-to-date with the latest legislation. Docue even lets you create smarter documents from your existing and legacy templates.

Revolutionise how you create and manage contracts

Need to contract with a new client? Docue retrieves address information and business IDs directly from Companies House. Smart layouts, based on your choices and legal compliance keeps everything on track.

Right template. Right time. Every time.

Docue offers top tier legal templates for every business need. From shareholder agreements to HR contracts to corporate administration and NDAs, we've got you covered.

Smarten up your legacy contracts

Does your company already have contracts and templates that serve your business well? Awesome, because with Docue, you can keep them, re-create them and manage them like never before. We help you bring cutting-edge legal intelligence and next generation capabilities to any legacy document.

The future of eSignature

Why pay for a separate service to sign documents when Docue lets you handle it faster and more cost-effectively without leaving the platform? Easily collect e-signatures for an unlimited number of documents, at no extra cost.

eSign PDFs with ease

In addition to documents created in Docue, you can sign PDF documents, wherever they were created. All signed documents are automatically saved in the same smart archive.

Legally valid signatures

Sign easily on a touch screen or via strong authentication. Both methods are safe and legally valid. The touch screen signature works indiscriminately all over the world.

Ensure an undeniable outcome

When using an electronic signature, a timestamp is created, which can be used to track the progress of the signing process and when the signature was created more comprehensively than the traditional signature. When using strong authentication, the document is stamped electronically, creating a validated signature in PDF format.

Keep your legal documents secure

Docue's smart and secure archive ensures you can find the documents you need quickly, not just today but in years to come. Assign roles to control access to documents. Use the reminder function to never miss important renewal dates or deadlines.

Proactive alerts

Docue's advanced storage and retrieval features help you find documents in seconds. The reminder function ensures you stay ahead of critical information on every contract - from workflow to renewal.

A single source of truth

Invite all employees of your company to use the service and unify contract storage, processes and communication workflows. Manage user roles and permissions to easily choose who sees what.

Bank-grade security

With Docue your documents are backed up and encrypted in our ultra secure EU based cloud. Bank-grade encryption ensures that documents do not end up in the wrong hands. Our service is regularly audited by an external security company.

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