We Are Docue: Meet Neil Edwards, VP Sales, UK

Welcome to the first edition of We Are Docue, a series where we introduce all the talented and passionate people who make Docue an amazing platform—and an exceptional place to work.

Today we’re introducing you to Neil Edwards, VP sales in the UK. Neil joined Docue almost two months ago—and in that time, he’s been optimising sales processes, building up outbound and energising an embryonic team. His passion for hyper-growth and “creating a movement” is already legendary within Docue. When Neil isn’t working, you can find him cycling, travelling, or at home in the countryside reading up on team leadership.

Ready to meet Neil? Let’s start.

Hi Neil, thanks for taking the time to chat! Can you tell a bit about your role at Docue?

My mission at Docue is to create the UK sales Playbook, build a strong ethos amongst the UK team, create a foundation of excellent responsive customer service and ultimately ensure that my team executes the sales mission in the UK that we have planned. Whilst on this mission we hold the values that our founders shaped back in Finland.

Since joining Docue, what does your day-to-day typically look like?

Neil: My primary focus is to ensure we have a consistent sales process. On a daily basis this includes mentoring and motivating a team of highly productive business development representatives (BDRs) whose focus tasks include outbound prospecting. A key aspect of my role is to guide and ultimately inspire my sales team to act confidently whilst retaining empathy in a new market. I’m continually evaluating performance and searching for salestech that will give my team the edge to communicate at velocity and close more deals. I always ask for feedback both to evaluate my attitude and to understand what challenges my team encounter within their daily tasks.

My daily routine also includes a check in with co-workers from the Nordic regions. We use Slack. It provides a communal space to share positive information on how we are performing and any challenges we need to solve.

Finally, I have an excellent CEO & CCO who inspire, motivate and challenge me daily so that I consistently reach for the highest levels of performance and leadership acumen within myself.

You’ve spoken about Docue creating a movement - can you tell us a bit more about that?

Neil: The primary reason I joined Docue was the opportunity to join a movement of emotionally intelligent, focussed business individuals. My secondary reason was the desire to help extend that movement in new territories to challenge the status quo. The founding team at Docue, led by Marko Teppo, had a fundamental vision: Democratise Legal Services. This is a revolutionary mission—and I knew I wanted to play a pivotal role in realising it.

You are based in the UK, our newest Docue location. Can you tell us about the opportunities / challenges there?

Neil: As I am sure you are aware the UK is full of opportunities. We have no traditional challenges, only opportunities: the current economic conditions for instance offer the potential for Docue to gain new customers in a short time frame.

Tell us a little about the team you are building?

Neil: We are at the embryonic stage of building a multi-disciplined team here in the UK. This is a team that is not only introducing Docue to the local market but providing industry winning customer service at the same time.

As I am sure you are aware, with our Nordic roots, we have very high standards and firmly believe quality is paramount. This is evident in everything we deliver from product experience to customer service.

I am very happy about the legal team we have built in the UK. Our lawyers have an excellent pedigree and totally understand Docue’s mission. I am excited that they bring so much commercial and technology experience, besides their legal knowledge —which is essential for our UK growth plan.

I also have three BDRs that are amazingly disciplined in their approach and very talented at execution. All three possess the numerous skills required to elevate Docue to its rightful position above the competition and make our early growth phase in the UK a big success.

When you aren’t working, what can we find you doing?

Neil: Honestly - When I am not travelling I can be found in my design studio. The first part of my career I spent as a Graphic Designer working in advertising & digital design studios. Visual communication is a big part of my sales technique so I am always sketching how we can improve user experience. I cycle most weekends and that's where I reflect on our performance and appreciate how lucky I am to live in the countryside.

Finally I try to read books on how to manage my team so that I can be in the best shape to lead Docue to victory.

Remember: it's all about the people at Docue.

Finally, what advice do you have for prospective Docue candidates?

Neil: Ask questions. Do your research by studying the competitive landscape. Enter the application process with the belief that you are going to succeed and that Docue is the only company you want to work for. Docue has excellent core values and applicants should appreciate how these shape a positive environment for both team members and customers.

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Want to work with Neil? We’re always looking for talented, capable people.

Serena O.Gorman