How Docue is Transforming Legal Services for Businesses

We believe that every entrepreneur should be able to draw up high-quality contracts for their own business quickly and effortlessly. That's why we developed a cost effective service that enables business owners to create a legally valid document in minutes using intelligent document templates and comprehensive guidance.

What is Docue?

Docue is a revolutionary legal-tech service with over 100,000 users that makes it easier than ever to create business contracts or any kind of legally binding document. Docue  allows business users to create, sign and archive all types of contract agreement and other documents completely digitally.

Docue was founded in Scandinavia in 2015, where it quickly became one  of the region's most used corporate and private legal document platforms. This summer, Docue is expanding to the UK and opening an office in London.

How do I know the contracts and documents provided via the Docue platform are of good quality?

Docue is designed to ensure, with model contract terms, automation and advice, that the business contract template you create, as a business, is both in line with your business need and legally valid. 

Under English law, the requirements for a legally binding contract are as follows: Offer, Acceptance, Consideration (e.g. a payment), Intent to Create Legal Relations, and Contractual Capacity (the parties have the capacity to enter into the contract). 

Let’s say you’re drawing up an employment contract for your limited company. Docue will ask you point by point about your needs, for example, regarding the duration of the employment relationship, confidentiality provisions, probation, salary and other key terms. Based on your answers, Docue advises you clearly on the legal and practical significance of the different options. The finished contract text will be formed automatically from legally up to date clauses written by our in-house team of lawyers. 

The quality of a contract is also of course dependent on its legal integrity and the statutory rights of all parties. Therefore, when you create a document with Docue, the platform shortcuts exclude additional selections so you only fill in the fields that are relevant to you. This way, you avoid the risk of adding conflicting terms and, in the worst case, being legally ineffective simply because, for example, you chose the wrong word template.

How do I make sure everything essential is taken into account in my contract?

Docue agreements are roughly divided into two types of terms: mandatory clauses required by law (or for the contract to operate in line with standard business practices)" and these additional terms. Mandatory sections of our service are clearly marked to ensure that all information required by law (or for the contract to operate in line with standard business practices) is included in your contract. In addition, the conditions that typically appear in similar agreements have been identified and taken into account in the development of each of our document models.

For example, the basic terms of an employment contract, such as the parties to the contract and the duration of the employment relationship, are mandatory. On the other hand, in addition to these, the provisions on probation, non-compete obligations and secrecy can also be worthwhile for the employer. By utilizing our intelligent employment contract model, you reduce the risk of missing important information in your document. At the same time, you will get an idea of ​​what is usually agreed upon - from contract duration to statutory rights in similar contractual arrangements.

What other benefits does Docue provide to my business?

Going through the contract process via Docue saves your business time, effort and money. Every stage of the contract process - from drafting and signing to archiving and verifying the reliability of parties, can all be done with one service. You no longer have to worry about printing copies of the contract, arranging signing meetings, or archiving physical contract documents.

Systematic use of the Docue platform unifies the contract policy of your entire company. In the long run, quality contracts add exponential value to your entire business.

Choosing Docue as your contract management solution empowers you to: 

  • Formalise, ensure and endorse your business, deals, and collaborations, with legally binding contracts and agreements.

  • Solve, avoid and prevent unexpected problems due to disagreements.

  • Efficiently improve, optimise, and scale your legal contract creation and management.

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