High-quality, automated legal documents

With Docue's automated templates, you can create first-rate legal documents for all business situations. The system will simply ask you a series of questions and then it will automatically build a bespoke document that is suited to your needs.

Use templates maintained by our lawyers or build your own

Docue gives you access to 130+ automated legal templates, created and maintained by experienced UK lawyers. You can modify Docue's templates to suit your own purposes or build your own templates entirely.

"Docue prompts guided me through every step of creating an agreement. Docue has the best user interface I've ever tried, especially for someone who doesn't know anything about law."

Milo Hill

Founder, Doozy Live

"Docue provides us with a very practical solution and lots of very useful legal templates - for a startup like us that wants to meet our legal requirements, but also move quickly."

Eden Bearn-Johnston

Head of Operations, Rentbunk

Drafting at the click of a button

Docue asks you step-by-step questions about your legal document to add the appropriate legal content to your document in real time. The formatting of documents is automated. Address information and company registration numbers are retrieved automatically from Companies House.

130+ automated legal templates

Docue offers top-tier legal templates for every business need. From shareholder agreements to HR contracts to company administration and NDAs, we've got you covered. Templates are maintained by experienced UK lawyers to stay up-to-date with English and Welsh legislation.

Make your own templates smart

Does your company already have templates? You can upload them to Docue. From then on, you can draft your documents more efficiently, and easily control the quality and consistency of your documents within your team.

"Docue is a very straightforward system to use and input the details of the clients/business. It has helped our business produce agreements quickly and efficiently."

Natasha Jones

Director of Estate Planning, Kinherit

"I strongly endorse the utilisation of Docue. Since the integration of this system into our operations, it has facilitated the onboarding process for both clients and suppliers."

Scott Pearce

Managing Partner, Datum Creative Media

Sign and store in the same service

With Docue, you can create, sign and store your documents seamlessly in the same service, so you don't need separate applications for different contract stages. The documents are stored in an archive protected by the best data security practices, where you can still find them years from now.

With Docue, you can create documents worth over £1,000 in just 10 minutes.

First-rate legal templates maintained by UK lawyers

Easily select the clauses and sections you need

Possibility to automate your own templates too

Unlimited electronic signature & secure storage

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