DocuSign vs. Docue: Which Contract Management Tool You Should Choose in 2023

In this blog series we provide facts about different contract management tools—that's right, just the facts, no spin. Keep scrolling for our analysis and to learn more about choosing the best tool for your business!

An image comparing DocuSign with Docue, which is the right e signature and contract making tool for you

TL;DR (too long; didn't read)—If you're looking for a contract management tool that can help you streamline your workflow and save time, then you could consider DocuSign. However, if you're on a tighter budget and want more extensive features, then Docue may be a better option for you.

As business owners and professionals, we are constantly signing and managing contracts.

Having a reliable contract management tool is essential to protecting your business in the future and keeping it running smoothly today.

But with different options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for your business.

In this post, we will compare two of the most popular contract management tools: DocuSign and Docue.

We'll explore the key features of each platform and see how they stack up against each other. By the end, you should have a better idea of which tool is best for your business needs.

First things first,

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a contract management tool that offers a variety of features to help users manage their contracts. With DocuSign, you can create, sign, and track your contracts from anywhere. The platform also offers e-signature capabilities, so you can sign documents electronically. Additionally, DocuSign offers other tools to help you streamline your contract management process.

What is Docue?

Docue is a dynamic contract management tool that allows users to create, customise, sign, manage and archive business contracts and legal documents all in one place - at a very good price. Created by a collaboration of software developers and lawyers, Docue empowers the creation of high quality legal content quickly and efficiently. All of the contract and legal document templates available via the platform are drafted and maintained by lawyers.

Customers can also use their own contract and legal document templates on the platform. The user-friendly platform also offers e-signature capabilities and an array of other innovative tools to help SMEs optimise the contract management process.

DocuSign vs Docue: what are the key differences?

TL;DR–DocuSign specialises in eSignatures, while Docue offers eSignatures plus plenty of other specialist features including very affordable lawyer-made business contract and legal document templates; real-time in-app support from real lawyers; and smart document archiving and management capabilities!

Since no business has the same needs, you should ask yourself a few questions to help you choose the right contract management tool:

  • How big is my company?

  • How many users will use the platform ?

  • Are there specific business contract and legal document templates I repeatedly need?

  • What kind of business contracts and legal documents will I mostly be using the platform for?

  • How important is archiving to my requirements?

  • Do I already have in-house legal guidance or could I benefit from a free and instant Ask A Lawyer service?

Depending on how you answered the above questions, our analysis below should help you figure whether DocuSign or Docue is the best fit for your contract and legal document management needs.

Essentially, the biggest difference between Docue and DocuSign comes down to the emphasis on eSignature and the pricing model. Both DocuSign and Docue offer the ability to easily e-sign documents. But DocuSign really focuses on e-signing and usually charges fees on a per signed document basis, while Docue is more of an all-in one contract and legal document solution which includes UNLIMITED e-signatures as part of one low-cost monthly subscription price — rather than focusing mainly on esignatures, Docue has got your business covered equally in all of the following areas: lawyer-made templates, legal support, smart archiving and premium eSigning capabilities.

Want the option for smart unlimited e-signatures? Want to draft lawyer-grade contracts in minutes? Want support from real lawyers in real time as you draft your UK specific contracts and legal documents? Say no more and look no further than Docue.com!

DocuSign features: a leading eSignature tool

DocuSign offers a contract management platform that helps businesses streamline the contract process from start to finish. The platform enables users to create, send, and manage contracts electronically, using eSignatures to speed up the contract approval process. DocuSign also offers a variety of features to help contract managers stay organised and track contract progress, such as workflow automation and real-time contract analytics.

In addition, the platform integrates with popular business applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Drive, making it easy for contract managers to access and use contract data in their day-to-day work.

We can’t deny it. DocuSign's contract management platform can help businesses save time while ensuring that contracts are signed quickly and efficiently.

Docue features: eSignature, lawyer-made templates, and more!

Because Docue is designed by lawyers as an all-in-one contract and legal document platform, it has A LOT of unique features that DocuSign does not offer at all ( which are easy to use and straightforward to master). Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Lawyer made contracts and legal documents— at the heart of the Docue platform is a series of templates all made and constantly maintained by UK lawyers. The platform provides ready-made legal content for any business document, such as board meeting minutes, shareholders agreements, client contracts, employment contracts and much more. We offer more than 60 contract and legal document templates that you can customise and deploy in little more than a few clicks. We are constantly adding to this library of business contract and legal document templates - we will have 100+ templates to choose from in the very near future…watch this space!

  • Automated customisation— Not only does the Docue platform provide automated “tick box” options and legal clauses, it also guides you through every single clause of the drafting process in the form of plain English information boxes, allowing you to adapt our premeditated contracts and legal documents exactly to your requirements. In short we have made it so you always end up with a legally-sound document you can be sure of, that is also exactly customised to your needs. Alternatively, you can also use your own existing templates within our platform if you prefer.

  • Contract management— Easily manage user permissions, set auto reminders and use intelligent search tools to stay on top of all your contract and legal document workflows and never ever have to manually save or search for documents across emails, shared drive folders or diverse platforms again.

  • Smart archiving — Docue offers automatic and secure archiving to smartly named folders for an unlimited number of documents. Yes, unlimited storage! And it even allows storage of a customer’s legacy contracts and documents. Any contract or legal document you have, no matter what platform you created or signed it on, can be stored in Docue’s unlimited archive and retrieved in seconds with our intelligent search functionality.

  • Ask a Lawyer— If there’s anything that you need help with while drafting a contract or legal document you can effortlessly ask our lawyers. Our lawyers’ real-time guidance is available through online chat and there is no additional charge as it is included as part of the all-in-one subscription price.

  • Pricing— Docue works out cheaper because affordability is critical to our founding mission of democratising legal services for everyone. Our pricing plans are intentionally low cost and high value. Seriously, if cost matters to you, Docue is always the best choice because in addition to unlimited e-signatures our subscription price also includes all our other features (which DocuSign do not offer), from lawyer made templates and automated customisation tools to next gen contract management capabilities including user permissions, search tools, auto reminders, smart folders and more.

TL;DR – Docue is more cost effective than DocuSign given that we offer free UNLIMITED e-signatures within our low priced subscription packages whereas DocuSign charge on a per signed document basis.

DocuSign pricing

DocuSign's pricing model is based on the contract management and e-signature features that the company offers.

  • Personal—DocuSign’s personal plan starts at £8 per month and includes 5 signatures per month. This plan integrates with Dropbox and Google but is limited to a single user.

  • Standard — upgrading to DocuSign’s standard plan buys you up to 5 users. However this plan does not include collaborative tools, advanced fields or single click consent.

  • Business Pro—DocuSign Business Pro plan offers essentially the same features as its standard class plan, but with signer attachments, collaborative fields, single click consent, SMS authentication, power forms and collect payments added in.

Docue pricing

Before delving into our plans, we wanted to remind you we have a free no risk trial, no credit card required!

  • Starter—for £29 per month, Docue’s starter plan offers 1 user, unlimited e-signatures, unlimited archive storage, up to 10 drafts per year, access to all of our lawyer made contract and legal document templates, document management features, collaborative chat, and technical support .

  • Standard—for £89 per month, the standard plan allows 3 users, up to 50 drafts per year, and all of the other features listed in the starter plan. The standard plan additionally offers up to 50 Ask A Lawyer queries per year.

  • Premium—for £199 per month, the premium plan allows 5 users, an unlimited number of drafts per year, and all of the other features listed in the starter plan. The premium plan additionally offers up to 100 Ask A Lawyer queries per year and the export to Microsoft Word feature too..

  • Enterprise/Custom—our enterprise/custom plan varies by price depending on specific needs but includes more than 10 users, a bespoke selection of templates, use of the customer’s own templates on the platform, more than 200 drafts per year, more than 100 Ask a Lawyer queries per year as well as mass e-signature of multiple documents and customised api integrations!

Trying to figure out which plan is best for you? Start a free trial now and get to know Docue before you buy.

DocuSign Support: Open a support case on the website

TL;DR–DocuSign only offers custom support to Enterprise users.

Only DocuSign’s enterprise plan mentions support, so it’s hard to judge what support the customers on the other plans can expect.

DocuSign’s support page lets users open a support case but doesn’t specify how soon the support will be offered.

Docue Support: At the speed of click

As part of our commitment to extremely good usability, we ensure that support is quickly available on Docue — from inside the app. Technical support is available on all plans and the average response time is measured in minutes not hours. So, don’t worry, whatever kind of support you need, Docue will always have you covered.

Docue—the DocuSign alternative for UK SMEs in 2022

Docue is a contracts and legal document management tool that empowers small and medium sized businesses to create lawyer-grade, yet affordable contracts and legal documents in just a few clicks.

With Docue, you have access to an exciting selection of unique features, from esignature capabilities to smart archiving, that will help you protect and contract manage every area of your business — at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.

Moreover, Docue eliminates the need for searching for contract and legal document templates, manually customising them, sending attachments, printing copies and scanning handwritten signatures. All your business agreements and legal document templates are accessible in one centralised, secure place, so you never miss a deadline or lose track of a document again.

Here’s a look at just some of what the Docue platform can offer you and your team:

  • More than 80 premeditated contract and legal document templates to cover every business need.

  • Use of your own templates on the platform.

  • Smart tools to make your contract management easier including esignatures, intelligent archives, search tools and automated alerts.

  • The ability to create and share contracts with your team members, partners and clients.

  • An endless number of tick box customisations to contracts and legal documents that take seconds to select to automate and customise your draft exactly to your needs.

  • Automated information box guidelines written by lawyers to guide the business through every step of the drafting process

  • Real time support from UK lawyers via instant chat.

Still not convinced?

Check out Docue for yourself: Sign up here!😊

Team Docue