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eSignatures. Without the hassle.

Docue lets you generate, request, and store e-signatures in seconds. Easily upload your documents to esign or choose a contract template from our dynamic library. Request signatures from multiple recipients and get your digital documents signed anytime, anywhere on any device.

Close agreements faster.

Accelerate your workflows and negotiations with Docue — whether your negotiating contracts, managing payments or streamlining business processes, Docue’s automated features and tick box legal clauses allow you to sign and manage multiparty agreements faster than traditional methods.

Security & compliance.

Military-grade security and compliance are standard with Docue. Our solution is configured to meet the highest levels of data protection, including compliance with GDPR, DPA 2018, eIDAS.

Honest pricing.

Docue is the robin hood of legal software. There is no fee for adding or requesting unlimited electronic signatures to your documents. To give you the best value we rolled all the costs into one simple monthly subscription fee.

"We use Docue to sign balance sheets, draft minutes of meetings, leases, debentures and proxies, among other things. The accounting firm lowers the threshold for preparing even more difficult documents for client companies when using Docue."

Mervi Savola

Service Manager, Accounter, Oy Ylivieska

"Docue is one of the simplest and most intuitive user systems I've ever used. Usually, when a new system is introduced, there are a lot of questions about how the system is progressing. There have been very few questions about Docue. I've used several systems and I have to say this is one of the best. "

Tommi Saari

CEO, SSA Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Why switch to eSignatures?
eSignatures reduce your paperwork, speed up time to finalise agreements and eliminate the need to scan, fax or mail contracts and other important documents.
How do I create an eSignature?
To create an eSignature, sign into your Docue account, upload or create your signature and then click 'add signature' in the profile section
Are eSignatures legally binding
Yes! Electronic signatures are valid and as legally binding as one signed with a pen. In addition , e-signatures carry the security of signing logs and digital records.
Can I add eSignatures in word?
You can add e-signatures in word when you import your document to Docue. Simply open the document, click review then e-sign the agreement.
Are electronic signatures free?
Adding and requesting E-signatures are free for all business customers. Enjoy the convenience of signing documents digitally wherever you are.
What about supporting features?
Docue supports multiple e-signature request, automatically up-dated legal content, document customisation, agreement chat with third parties via the platform and much more

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