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Docue helps thousands of accountancy teams create, sign, store and manage lawyer-grade contracts and legal documents (without the traditional costs and hassle)

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Every document you need for any business purpose

Docue has the right document for all your business needs. Access 90+ high-quality contract and legal document templates including non-disclosure agreements, privacy notices, supply of services agreements/T&Cs, consultancy agreements, board minutes, shareholders agreements and more. Use our continually updated library of top tier templates, “tick box” options and easy to follow lawyer-built drafting guidelines to create and customise legally-binding contracts and legal documents in minutes.

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Contract management, simplified

Traditional approaches to contract and legal document management are labour-intensive, time-consuming and prone to error. Save yourself the hassle and expense by automating your contracts and legal documents on one secure platform. Your clients, shareholders, investors, suppliers, partners and employees will be delighted by the impressive efficiency and cost savings that Docue can bring to your contract management life cycle.

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A single source of truth

Docue empowers you to automatically archive all your contracts and business documents in relevant folders in one place for a unified view, ensuring easy retrieval and administrative simplicity—this includes both documents created or signed via the Docue platform and documents built or signed on other platforms. This helps you standardise contracts across your operations while ensuring consistency throughout the document lifecycle.

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Quality legal documents, but affordable

​​The cost of traditional legal services shouldn't hold you back from putting appropriate contracts in place to protect your business. That's why we designed payment models that work for you (and your bottom line), whilst retaining high quality contractual protection by ensuring all platform templates are created and maintained by qualified UK lawyers.

Getting to Yes, faster

Docue’s fast, seamless agreement creation and signature functionality increases sales conversion rates and speeds up sales agreement turnaround times without sacrificing compliance, contractual protection or security.

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Docue-it-yourself, for less

Generally speaking your accountancy business might expect to pay anywhere between £750 + VAT and £3,500 + VAT for a traditional style law firm to draft a single business contract for you. Of course, the cost per draft might be much higher where you instruct a law firm to draft a particularly complex contract or legal document. In stark contrast, the £89+ VAT per month Docue Standard subscription allows your business to create and customise up to 50 contracts and legal documents per year. This amounts to a cost of less than £25 + VAT per contract drafted via the Docue platform. Bottom line? Docue can help you save £thousands in legal costs per document drafted.

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Over 100,000 Customers Manage Contracts with Docue. Here's What They're Saying.


"With the help of Docue, we got rid of even the last papers, that is, our engagement contracts that are printed for signing. Today, we draw up all contracts with Docue with electronic signatures"

Anu Reniers

Managing Director, Paperless

"We have had a very good experience using the service! The format of the contracts is neat and functional. The automation of the service is also really convenient. At best, a contract or other document is done in 10 minutes. several dozen a month, so the time savings are huge. "

Jouko Pannula

Entrepreneur, BRAND premises

Create a Professional Legal document in Just a Few Clicks

Starting up a business, hiring new employees or simply need to improve your sales process? Create hundreds of different legally binding and professional documents with Docue.