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At Docue, we’re dedicated to revolutionising legal documentation services for start ups, SMEs and individuals. As our business grow internationally with ever smarter features, the commitment to outrageous value and legal excellence remains constant... but don’t just take our word for it.

Here's what our customers are saying about Docue

"I was impressed with layout and ease of navigation on the platform, which allowed me to easily find the contracts that I was looking for, all presented in a concise and user friendly interface. Being able to use the search function and instantly have a legal document ready to fill out is no doubt a huge time saver!"

Jonathan Clarke

Projects Director, Task Corporation Ltd

"The Docue platform is a game changer for our business. The interface is slick and extremely easy to use. The guidelines which pop up with every clause make it so simple to create tailored contracts quickly and easily. Being able to e-sign, manage and store the contracts in the platform is great too, it is saving us so much time! Docue is a really good one-stop-shop for business contracts and a well priced solution for our legal needs."

Monish Khodiara

Owner, Barbers Hub

"95% quicker with Docue"

"The platform is exactly what we have been looking for. Very easy and intuitive to use and offers all the business contracts and legal documents we need. Docue has enabled us to create, sign and store sales contracts 90% quicker than before and keep everything much more organised with the automated archiving feature. The unlimited e-signature tool is ideal for us. It is so much more efficient than requesting wet-ink signatures and so much more cost effective than the alternative tools we have looked at before which have per document fees. The automated reminders and search tools are also useful for us. We have a high volume of customers and so it is important to be able to keep track of and retrieve their contracts easily. We can now retrieve documents 95% quicker with Docue compared to our previous manual and paper based system. The time savings are phenomenal. Docue has helped us reduce our admin time down to almost zero, meaning that we can focus more on growing the business. "

Jeremy Williams

Owner, Williams Transport & Storage (WTS)

"Legal documents at the touch of a button"

"For us, Docue is easy to use, affordable, reduces admin, and increases efficiency. As a start-up installations business there isn’t really much more we could ask for. Now we can focus more on building our business knowing that we've got our contracts sorted. Having legal documents available at the touch of a button is incredibly convenient."

Jackson Harrison

Owner, J Harrison Installations

"We've done a total of a few hundred different documents on the service, either with Docue or our own old document templates. We're very happy with this solution. "

Juha Saarela

Managing Director, Puuilo

Toivo Group

"I have used the services of five Finnish Top 10 law firms in my life. Docue's model content has taken into account the same things as the work of these offices. Docue's functional electronic signature has given our new partners a stable and progressive image of our company. "

Markus Myllymäki

CEO, Toivo Group

"With Docue, our company is truly paperless. In the past, paper contracts were scanned - now contracts are made directly electronically. All documents are in an electronic archive provided by Docue, which you can organize as you wish"

Esa Halmesmäki

Chairman of the Board, Täsmä Occupational Health

"We use Docue to sign balance sheets, draft minutes of meetings, leases, debentures and proxies, among other things. The accounting firm lowers the threshold for preparing even more difficult documents for client companies when using Docue"

Mervi Savola

Service Manager, Accountor Oy Ylivieska


""We've used Docue's extensive contract bank for many purposes - most recently I did the minutes of a board meeting in the service of the board. When we introduced the service, the first thought was to speed up contract contracting. "

Niko Lahtinen

Partner, Finnish Digital Marketing

"The service is one of the best online services I use! Docue has enabled completely site-independent contract management. We make contracts with Docue, either using the service's ready-made document templates or our own content. Docue's customer service and support are excellent! "

Ilona Kangas

General Manager, Drama Queen Communications

"The easy-to-use tool takes care of the everyday documents we need. You no longer have to search for suitable contract templates all over the web or order them separately from a lawyer. "

Perttu Paukkeri

Managing Director, WDS Marketing Office

"With Docue, we are able to guarantee our customers high quality and up-to-date documents. This ensures that every document that leaves us is 100% Mandate quality. Creating documents with Docue is easy and time-saving. I recommend!"

Vesa Nurro

Service Manager, Accounting Office Mandate


"With the help of Docue, we got rid of even the last papers, that is, our engagement contracts that are printed for signing. Today, we draw up all contracts with Docue with electronic signatures"

Anu Reniers

Managing Director , Paperless

SSA Group

"Docue is one of the simplest and most intuitive user systems I've ever used. Usually, when a new system is introduced, there are a lot of questions about how the system is progressing. There have been very few questions about Docue. I've used several systems and I have to say this is one of the best "

Tommi Saari

CEO, SSA Group

"We have made a wide range of contracts and documents with Docue. Proxies, commercial property leases, employment contracts, employment certificates. Especially the employment documents for seasonal workers have been done a lot. The service has worked very well. "

Elina Suikki

Project Manager, Hoivatilat

"We've implemented almost all of our HR and business contracts with Docue from start to finish. It's handy to see how easy and fast it is to build an employment contract with Docue, for example. For us, Docue has been a real step toward a paperless business. "

Antti Immonen

Managing Director, Meiko

"Docue is a great cornerstone in the management of a growth company, such as employment contracts and minutes of board meetings. Finished legal content speeds up and qualifies drafting. However, there is also a strong ancillary system around the model content, most notably an electronic signature and archive. "

Mattipekka Kronqvist

Member of the Board, Nsion

"We already use Docue very extensively. Electronic document signing has facilitated the bidding-ordering process as well as the processing of the actual IT2018 software contracts. We have been very pleased with Docue and its ease of use. "

Tuomas Niemi

CEO, Applirent

"Docue has introduced a very easy-to-use and versatile tool to the market. LapWall uses the tool in day-to-day operations and drafting various contracts. The tool has simplified our processes and brought efficiency to office routines." "

Jarmo Pekkarinen

CEO, Lapwall

"We make all contracts with Docue, so we keep all important documents in a good archive. It's easy to make documents when the contract content is ready and all contracts remain consistent and legal. Online transactions speed up and make it easier to review and sign documents"

Niko Kreivi

Sales Manager, Finnish Copper Blacksmiths

"Cooperation with Docue will greatly facilitate the operations of Mestis and Mestis clubs in terms of contract law and document filing, among other things. With this agreement, each Mestis club will also become a Docue customer. With this change, we will improve legal security for athletes, clubs and stakeholders. "

Olli Aro

Chief Operating Officer, Mestis

AC Oulu

"AC Oulu's goal is to digitize operations and Docue has helped us a lot in this - we've been really pleased with the service and especially the desire to continuously improve it. "

Juho Meriläinen

Managing Director, AC Oulu

"We want to be transparent and honest, and now it's easy with Docue's service. We can handle contract processes smoothly with a single service, and this makes it easier to work with our partners when we can also sign everything electronically, and every document is saved automatically. "

Antti Manninen

Chief Operating Officer, Kiekko-Espoo

"We have had a very good experience using the service! The format of the contracts is neat and functional. The automation of the service is also really convenient. At best, a contract or other document is done in 10 minutes. several dozen a month, so the time savings are huge. "

Jouko Pannula

Entrepreneur, BRAND premises

"We've leveraged Docue's technology into our company's own contract content. Docue has coded our company's documents, which we repeatedly need in our business."

Anne Idström

Chairman of the Board, Wikli Group