Why our customers love us

Docue has already been used by more than 30,000 companies, from sole traders to listed companies. More than 80% of our customers renew their subscriptions annually.

"I was impressed with layout and ease of navigation on the platform, which allowed me to easily find the contracts that I was looking for, all presented in a concise and user friendly interface. Being able to use the search function and instantly have a legal document ready to fill out is a huge time saver!"

Jonathan Clarke

Projects Director, Task Corporation

"After using a few of Docue's legal templates, I just love the service! It has helped me out so much and has saved me so much time and energy. I would not change it for the world."

John Benson

CEO, JFB Fitness

"Docue’s suite of templates saves SMEs on time, money, and stress, by equipping them with affordable legal documentation they can rely on. With so many high-quality templates to choose from, businesses can move forward with legal foundations they can trust. Templates are also easy to use – Docue makes drafting and managing contracts and legal documents a breeze."

Ed Boal

Director and Head of Corporate, Stephenson Law

"We transferred over from DocuSign as the cost of Docue was considerably less and much more flexible with regards to the amount of documents we could send. We have found that the system is just as easy to use and do not regret the changeover."

Simon Smith

Director of Lettings & Management, Thomas Merrifield

"With Docue, we draft all our legal documents. There is no longer any need to search for contract templates all over the internet or to order them separately from a solicitor. Thanks to time savings, Docue easily pays for itself after only a few documents."

Perttu Paukkeri

Managing Director, WDS Marketing Company

"The Docue platform is a game changer for our business. The interface is slick and extremely easy to use. The guidelines which pop up with every clause make it so simple to create tailored contracts quickly and easily. Being able to e-sign, manage and store the contracts in the platform is great too, it is saving us so much time! Docue is a really good one-stop-shop for business contracts and a well priced solution for our legal needs."

Monish Khodiara

Owner, Barbers Hub

"We had to quickly draft a SaaS agreement, because the one we were using was incomplete and did not protect us. We found Docue and after 30min we sent out a bulletproof contract to our customer. An outstanding service."

Joao Mestre

Director, Cooptelco Ltd

"For us, Docue is easy to use, affordable, reduces admin, and increases efficiency. As a start-up installations business there isn’t really much more we could ask for. Now we can focus more on building our business knowing that we've got our contracts sorted. Having legal documents available at the touch of a button is incredibly convenient."

Jackson Harrison

Owner, J Harrison Installations

"The Docue platform seems to be streets ahead of its competition in terms of quality and ease of use. This technology is very useful for drafting, e-signing and archiving. Managing all documents and contracts in one place does make things much easier, it definitely provides good value for money."

Matthew Buswell

Director, Buswell Law Limited

"The platform is exactly what we have been looking for. Very easy and intuitive to use and offers all the business contracts and legal documents we need. Docue has enabled us to create, sign and store sales contracts 90% quicker than before and keep everything much more organised with the automated archiving feature. The unlimited e-signature tool is ideal for us. It is so much more efficient than requesting wet-ink signatures and so much more cost effective than the alternative tools we have looked at before which have per document fees. The automated reminders and search tools are also useful for us. We have a high volume of customers and so it is important to be able to keep track of and retrieve their contracts easily. We can now retrieve documents 95% quicker with Docue compared to our previous manual and paper based system. The time savings are phenomenal. Docue has helped us reduce our admin time down to almost zero, meaning that we can focus more on growing the business. "

Jeremy Williams

Owner, Williams Transport & Storage (WTS)