Docue officially launches in the UK

Big news! If you haven't heard yet: our category-defining Contract Automation Platform is now available for businesses in the UK.

The UK is home to some of the most vibrant SMEs in the world, and Docue is committed to supporting their success with a platform that offers an affordable way to create lawyer-grade contracts in just a few simple clicks. Businesses of any size can now access a dynamic library of pre-built, legally binding templates—hand-crafted by lawyers and tailor made for the UK—alongside our automated clause builder, e-signature capabilities, and smart storage.

Since Docue was founded in Helsinki in 2015, the platform has helped over 100,000 customers achieve the time-saving, profitability and protection that an advanced contract management system brings.

From employee contracts to Non Disclosure Agreements, we believe the Docue platform is revolutionising contract management as much as CRM has revolutionised sales, and we want you to try it.

As a customer, here's what's in it for you:

A library of lawyer made, lawyer maintained templates

Docue offers a wide range of contract templates for every part of your business: website legal notices, employment agreements, health and safety policy and much more. Once you've selected your document, Docue speeds up the drafting process by automating it. We’re talking up to 90% faster and with no loss of legal quality—because every clause in every template is made by a team of trained UK lawyers. Pretty cool? We think so.

Powerful workflows, yet easy to use

Not only are our templates lawyer-made and maintained, they are also highly customisable and user-friendly. Every template includes clause-by-clause guidance to steer you correctly through the drafting process. And if you are set on using your own templates or legacy documents created on other systems, then that’s ok too! You can import any document into the Docue platform and customise, e-sign, store and manage it according to your needs.

Unlimited electronic signatures

With Docue you can e-sign an unlimited number of contracts and legal documents in a couple of clicks. To ensure you stay effortlessly organised, we built an unlimited archive of smart folders to automatically store and manage them all. To top it off, our next-gen search tools let you navigate through your records to retrieve your data in seconds. As with all our features, Docue storage and search capabilities work with documents created in other systems.

Major cost savings

As part of our mission to use digitisation to democratise legal services for the many, we are committed to remaining the most affordable legal content solution on the market. We're constantly looking out for cost savings for our customers: compared to the cost of engaging a traditional law firm, by drafting even a single document in Docue, you get a return on your investment.

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