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Behind Docue is a team of more than 30 experts: lawyers, business minds and software developers. Together, we are transforming legal services for the business world.

What problems does Docue solve?

Docue was founded with a mission: to impact the world by democratising the way legal services are provided. We have three guiding principles:

All companies, large and small, need agreements and legal documents. A functioning business always needs to formalise agreements and important events in writing. Traditional legal services are expensive, cumbersome and slow. Digitised contracts and legal documents reduces complexity and saves users both time and money.

Administering and signing agreements and legal documents is cumbersome. Agreements and other important documents are often spread throughout a company without systematics. Too often getting an agreement signed takes an unnecessarily long time.

We have developed a digital legal service that makes it easy to create, customise, sign, manage and archive your documents all in one place - at a good price. Our solution is based on technology created by software developers and lawyers in collaboration, and so our user-friendly platform enables the creation of high quality legal content quickly and efficiently.
Who are we?

We are an eclectic mix of lawyers, sales people, marketing executives, software developers and support staff. Irrespective of role, we are, as a team, constantly asking ourselves how we can do more and make a greater impact—and that starts by reimagining everything that a legal services provider can be.

In this spirit Docue's lawyers work daily to create new content for the platform and keep the platform updated based on current UK laws and regulations.

Our lawyers have experience of both practical law and software coding—our firm opinion is that in a digital age, lawyers should be able to combine law and software coding in order to create the best legal services platform.

Docue was founded in 2015 and our unique technology has already helped more than 30,000 companies. Our platform is built based on current UK laws and regulations  and with usability for our customers  in mind. With Docue, anyone can create legally valid agreements and documents with just a few clicks.

How is Docue run?

What makes Docue run is a combination of innovative employees and experienced investors. We are growing every day— established already in  Finland, Sweden and now the UK, we are constantly looking to new markets.

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