12 Best Contract Management Software Solutions: A Buyer's Guide for UK Businesses

Need contract management software but don't know where to start? This guide aims to help you choose the right product for your business.

Are you overwhelmed by the number of contract management solutions available? We’re not surprised. There are a lot of them around!

But which, if any, is best for your business? Based on our years of experience in the industry, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you choose. 

Why should you invest in Contract Management Software?

There are numerous business benefits to using contract management software. These include: 

Efficiency — Contract management software helps organisations streamline the contract creation process, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations while minimising the risk of errors. 

Speed — Automated document generation capabilities allow users to quickly create and customise legally-binding contracts without needing manual input from third-party sources. Document automation can accelerate your contract process up to 82%.

Automation — Automated notifications alert users when a contract is about to expire, reducing the need for manual follow-ups and providing peace of mind that important deadlines are not missed. 

Security — Contract management software allows users to securely store client information such as addresses, contact details, and payment information, providing improved efficiency and compliance in managing customer records and relationships. 

Workflow automation — Document workflow automation ensures that all documents associated with a certain project or client are in one central location, improving visibility into a projects’ progress and enabling quick access to needed documents at any point in time. 

Document analytics — Several built-in analytics features give users real-time insights into the performance of their contracting activities, helping them reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiency by optimising processes related to signing contracts smoothly and efficiently.  

Single source of truth — Enhanced visibility enables teams to track all contract versions used across departments within an organisation, enabling more effective collaboration while reducing potential legal risks arising from the use of outdated or incorrect contract versions during negotiations or other critical processes.  

Reporting — Advanced reporting features provide comprehensive visibility into all contract-related activities, including usage history, expiry dates, current status of each contract or amendment signed over time, etc. Such accurate data points enable users to make more informed decisions, faster.

Electronic Signatures — The ability to integrate signature services enables faster e-signing which in turn speeds up time to value. Electronic signatures mean bank-level encryption so contracts remain secure throughout their lifecycle—from submission to archive and beyond.

Limitations of contract management software

Of course there are also some potential drawbacks to consider before you invest. Issues to watch out for include:

Ease of use – While contract management software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, it can require a learning curve to get comfortable with the system’s features. This could in the short term, reduce some of your time savings. 

Security – If your contract management software isn’t properly secured and updated with the latest security measures, there could be risks in data leakage or vulnerability to cyber attacks. 

Integration – Depending on its setup, certain contract management software may not integrate with other systems that help manage contracts, such as accounting or CRM systems. This could create a disconnect between departments or cause confusion among employees if they need access to specific information regarding a particular contract. 

Data tracking – Some contract management software provide only basic tracking of data, such as dates related to when a contract was signed or expires, but don't offer more in-depth tracking capabilities like who authorised it or version history. 

Scalability – When your business grows and contracts become more complex, a basic contract management system might not be able to keep up with all the changes and updates needed for each document and over time may require manual input from an administrator or user(s). 

Customisable options – Certain features within a contract management system may only offer minimal contract customisation options, making it hard for businesses who need specific contractual features tailored for their business needs.

Bloated features – On the flip side, some contract management systems come preloaded with too many unnecessary tools and resources that go unused by most users taking up valuable storage space and bandwidth.

Popular Contract management software options

Ok, so let’s help you navigate the different contract management software option you might be considering. Let’s take a close look at some of the most popular tools available. 

1. Docue’s Contract Management Software

Docue's Contract Management solution provides an all-in-one platform for companies to manage their contracts and legal documents through every stage of the contract lifecycle. From automated drafting to lawyer maintained contract templates to unlimited electronic signatures and state of the art data protection, Docue simplifies and elevates the entire contract management process. 

Create high quality legal documents headline of Docue homepage

Top Features: Docue delivers a complete suite of features that make managing contracts easier than ever. A drag and drop document builder lets you easily and quickly create lawyer-grade documents from a comprehensive selection of easily customisable, premeditated documents and contract templates. One-click contract signing with eSignatures, smart storage, advanced security protocols for data encryption, automated reminders for renewals and expirations as well as powerful analytics and collaboration capabilities make Docue an end-to-end contract management solution.

Pros: One of the biggest benefits of using Docue is its comprehensive, always-updated library of lawyer-made legal contract templates. Whether you need UK specific employment contracts, service agreements, distribution agreements, board meeting minutes templates and over 100 more, Docue has contract templates for every part of your business. What's more, all Docue templates are continuously updated, so when legislation changes, so do your templates.

Cons: Although Docue simplifies many aspects of contract management, there are some drawbacks as well. For instance, while automated reminders help ensure deadlines aren’t missed by anyone involved in a contract agreement, if there are too many people involved with a single document then the notifications could end up being overwhelming and hard to keep track of for everyone involved. 

Free Trial Option: Docue offers a free trial option so you can test out the software before committing long term. Docue also offers discounts when customers purchase annual plans instead of monthly plans which are ideal for businesses wishing to maximise value over time by investing upfront in their long term contracting success.

CTA book a demo of Docue contract management software

2. Docusign

Offering features like traceable contract signing plus automated email notifications, Docusign makes it possible to keep all contract participants on the same page with minimal human effort.

Top features: Docusign includes electronic signature capture, document sharing capabilities, automated email notifications, bulk document processing functions, real-time document tracking and support for multiple languages. Docusign also integrates with many third-party applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365. 

Pros: Docusign has numerous benefits: it expedites the contract signing process by providing a secure online platform that can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It automates tasks like email notifications and document milestone reminders. Another pro is how well it simplifies the process of sharing documents, making for a better document collaboration experience.

Cons: The drawbacks of using Docusign are few but still worth mentioning. The main one being that there are limits as to how many documents can be sent per month for certain pricing tiers which may not be suitable for organisations dealing with high volumes of contracts or documents that need signing regularly each month. Additionally, some customisation options may require coding skills which could be difficult for small businesses.

Free Trial options: Docusign offers a free trial which lets users send up to three documents per month directly from their own devices as well as integrate with other applications like Gmail or Dropbox if needed.

3. Juro 

Juro is a refreshingly easy and secure way to manage business critical contracts
Juro Contract management software_UK buyers guide

Top Features: Juro offers a variety of features that make it a great option for businesses looking to streamline their contract management process. Some of its features include automated reminders for renewals and expirations, template-based document drafting tools, full-text search capabilities for existing documents, secure storage of all documents in the cloud and integration with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot.

Pros: The main advantages of using Juro are its ease of use; intuitive user interface; quick setup time; and secure storage capabilities; Juro offers highly customisable workflow processes to facilitate contract reviews/approvals as well as powerful signature tracking and verification options (e.g., biometric or government ID). 

Cons: A major downside associated with Juro is its cost - it's not the cheapest software on the market. However considering the range of features offered by this product it's reasonable priced compared to similar products in the same space.  

Free Trial Options: Juro offers a 14 day free trial including access to all features in the premium plans without any restrictions whatsoever.

4. Pandadoc

A top-of-the-line digital contract management solution that can make handling and negotiating contracts easier and more organised.

Pandadoc - Contract management software UK Buyers guide
Top Features: With advanced features such as automated contract requests, contract reviews, e-signatures, and more, Pandadoc can save time normally spent dealing with tedious paperwork. It offers a simple, yet comprehensive document assembly solution for organisations of all sizes. The platform includes a wide range of features such as: 

• Secure document signing capabilities with legally binding eSignatures; 

• Automated workflows with customisable templates and rules; 

• Compliance-ready record keeping; 

Pros: PandaDoc is great for automating workflow tasks such as sending reminders or follow-up emails and will save you tons of time on manual admin work. Another strength is its accuracy — with both automated workflows and powerful analytics tools users can easily detect errors or omissions in their documents before they are finalised & sent out for eSignature.  

Cons: Despite its many benefits there are some drawbacks associated with using PandaDoc. These include limited customisation options (while the platform does have some customisation options it does not offer as much flexibility as some other solutions on the market) and a surprising lack of integrations — PandaDoc currently only integrates with Salesforce & Box which limits its usefulness for organisations using different CRM systems or third-party applications for their sales & marketing needs.   

Free Trial Options: PandaDoc offers a 14 day free trial period during which users receive full access to all features including document creation, secure electronic signatures, automated workflows & analytics tools as well as customer support via email & phone from 8am - 8pm EST Monday through Friday excluding holidays).

5. Oneflow

Oneflow is a cloud-based contract management software designed to streamline and simplify the contract process. It is equipped with powerful features that enable users to easily create, manage, and track contracts in one central platform. 

Oneflow - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

Top Features: OneFlow offers a range of features designed to facilitate the contract process. These include: creating, managing, and tracking contract capabilities; automated reminders for deadlines; templates to create contracts quickly; customisable workflow support; an e-signature feature to sign documents digitally; and integration with document management systems and other apps such as Salesforce and Dropbox for seamless communication.

Pros: One of the main benefits of OneFlow is easy set up. The software is simple but comprehensive, allowing users to get started quickly without having to spend too much time understanding how it works. OneFlow’s advanced AI-enabled legal insights is another great feature, providing realtime updates on a contracts performance and progress. And OneFlow is strong on integrations, working with a variety of third party applications and tools. 

Cons: The biggest drawback with OneFlow is that it doesn't offer 24/7 customer support which could be necessary if you have urgent queries or issues while using the platform. Also, while the pricing plans are comparatively low compared to similar services in this industry, there may still be some month-to-month cost associated with using its services depending on your requirements. It should also be noted that OneFlow lacks certain advanced features such as online payments processing capabilities. 

Free Trial option: A free 14-day trial with full access to all features including customer support services. After your trial period ends you will be able to purchase either an individual or enterprise subscription plan depending on your specific needs.

6. Gatekeeper

UK businesses have a lot to gain from using the contract management solution, Gatekeeper. However, implementation can be pricey and may include services such as training or technical support.
Gatekeeper - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

Top Features: Gatekeeper is a comprehensive contract management software designed to be used by all types of organisations, from small businesses to large enterprises. Gatekeeper provides an easy-to-use interface with powerful search capabilities, allowing users to quickly find the contract they need. It also offers a range of features for managing contracts, including alerts for key dates and milestones, version tracking, integrations and more. 

Pros: Gatekeeper is user-friendly and clearly designed with scalability in mind, allowing it grow alongside the business without any disruption or downtime. The software also comes with advanced security measures such as single sign-on (SSO), 2-factor authentication (2FA) and data encryption technology, ensuring that companies’ sensitive data remains secure at all times.

Cons: The main downside of using Gatekeeper is its high cost – while it offers great features and tools to manage contracts effectively, these can come at a hefty price point depending on the size and scope of the organisation’s needs. Additionally, some users may find the setup process complicated or time consuming as it requires customising various settings before the system is ready for use. Finally, while Gatekeeper does offer mobile access via mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, this functionality might be limited compared to its desktop counterpart. 

Free Trial Option: Gatekeeper offers a free trial with full access to all features including customer support. The company also runs regular training sessions so users of all levels can learn how best to use the system in order maximise their productivity gains. 

7. Contractbook

An innovative and comprehensive product that streamlines the creation, organisation, and signing of contracts.

Contractbook - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

Top Features: Contractbook provides a comprehensive set of tools including automatic reminders for any contract tasks or timeframes set by users, bulk editing capabilities, centralised document storage and customisable templates. Contractbook also integrates with over 60 other services and apps including Dropbox, Slack and Quickbooks. Users can create contracts in multiple languages and use electronic signatures to complete deals faster. 

Pros: The intuitive design is simple to use and allows users to quickly navigate through the software without requiring extensive training. Being cloud based, it also allows users to access their data anytime from anywhere. Contractbook's drag and drop clauses, auto-generating documents, automated reminder features are all first rate. 

Cons: While Contractbook has plenty of features to help manage contracts more effectively, the cost could be a turn off for some businesses with limited budgets. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the customer service as well as slow loading times for certain functions within the software. 

Free Trial Option: A free 14-day trial is available including full access to all features so you can get a better feel of how it works before committing long term.

8. Pocketlaw

Pocketlaw is a comprehensive platform that helps both large and small businesses stay organised and on top of their contractual obligations. 

Pocketlaw - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

The Pocketlaw contract management software is a comprehensive and cloud-based tool for creating, managing, tracking, and signing contracts. It enables businesses to quickly draft custom contracts in the cloud and securely manage the entire lifecycle of their contracts. 

Top Features: The platform provides users with a wide range of features such as document automation, version control, eSignature integration, and real-time notifications that help keep negotiations running smoothly. Users also have access to an intuitive dashboard that gives them full visibility into every stage of their contracts’ lifecycles.

Pros: Pocketlaw is incredibly efficient when it comes to drafting and managing contracts. The platform’s automation capabilities help speed up the process of creating documents significantly while still ensuring accuracy. It also gives users complete control over every aspect of their contracts from creating a template to setting deadlines for negotiations and signing off on agreements. This makes it easy for teams to collaborate and stay on top of deadlines without having to constantly check in and update each other on progress. 

Cons: One potential drawback of Pocketlaw is the cost involved with using the service – it does come with a monthly subscription fee depending on how many users need access. Additionally, some users may find its interface too complex at times, which can make learning all its features more time consuming than necessary. 

Free Trial Option: Pocketlaw has a free trial period lasting up to 14 days so you can get an idea of what it has to offer before making any sort of financial commitment. During this time you’ll have access to all the features Pocketlaw has to offer. 

9. Gavel 

Gavel is a cloud-based contract management solution offering a range of features, including automated workflow management, secure storage, and customisable templates.
Gavel - Contract management software UK Buyers guide
Top features: One of the top features of Gavel’s's contract management solution is its automated workflow management system. This allows users to set up reminders for tasks that need to be completed or documents that need to be signed in order to keep the process running smoothly. Gavel’s also offers an advanced search engine which enables users to quickly find the document they are looking for among thousands of contracts stored in their system.

Pros: The pros of using Gavel include its ease-of-use, simple drag-and-drop interface, secure storage and a suite of reporting tools which provide insightful analytics about contract processes in real time. Gavel's templates are highly customisable, so you can create new agreements quickly without having to start from scratch every time.

Cons: The cons of using Gavel include longer setup times due to needing input from multiple stakeholders throughout your organisation in order for everything to function properly; lack of customisation options beyond basic template design (since most customisation would require additional coding); Gavel is also a bit limited in terms of customer support with no phone numbers or chat options readily available at all times. The solution also lacks integration with other third party applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Drive which could potentially limit certain aspects of your business operations if not taken into consideration beforehand while planning out your configuration settings within Gavel itself. 

Free trial option: Gavel offers a free trial period allowing users access to all available features within the platform without any cost or commitment upfront. 

10. Onit

Onit provides an array of features that allow users to create, review, track, and execute contracts quickly and securely. With Onit, users can also store contracts in the cloud and access them from any device with internet access.

Onit - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

Top Features: Onit offers an extensive range of features to meet the needs of different organisations. It allows users to easily create digital contracts and automate common tasks such as setting expiration dates, sending notifications upon changes and signing documents electronically. The software also comes with sophisticated analytics tools that enable users to analyze trends and uncover hidden insights in their contract data.

Pros: One of the greatest advantages of using Onit is its ability to simplify complex tasks such as contract creation or amendment tracking. Users can set up templates for commonly used contracts and use these templates to generate new documents quickly and accurately every time they are needed. Another advantage is its advanced analytics capabilities which provide valuable insights into corporate contracts that would otherwise be difficult to analyse manually. Onit 's integrations are impressive too - working with popular third-party applications like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Salesforce, Adobe Sign and more.

Cons: One potential downside of using Onit is its relatively high cost compared to other contract management solutions on the market. Additionally, some users have reported difficulties in getting accustomed to its user interface which can take time and effort as it has a steep learning curve compared other systems for managing contracts more efficiently.

Free Trial option: Onit’s free trial version gives you full access to all features included in the paid version for 14 days so you can get a better understanding of how it works before deciding if it's right for your organisation's needs or not.

11. Ironclad

The Ironclad platform features advanced tools for creating custom contracts, tracking changes and updates, and extracting document analytics with ease.

Ironclad - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

Top features: Ironclad's best features include automated reminders and notifications, audit logs to track changes in contracts, and one-click eSignatures for easier document signing. The software also helps users easily find the documents they need by organizing them into smart folders. Ironclad's reporting tools allow businesses to gain insights into their contract performance in real time. Other features include integration with third-party applications like Salesforce and Slack, as well as a customisable workflow builder and templates.

Pros: One of the major advantages of using Ironclad is that it streamlines the entire contract process from start to finish. With Ironclad's automated reminders and notifications, users never miss a deadline or overlook an important detail. Additionally, its comprehensive reporting tools provide valuable insights into contract performance which can help organisations make informed decisions about their contracting activities.

Cons: The major downside of using Ironclad is that it may be too complex for some small businesses or organisations—setting up the software may require technical knowledge which could limit its use by non-technical users. Furthermore, some features are not available in all subscriptions which could mean additional costs for those needing those features. Lastly, there are reports of customer service issues with regards to responsiveness around technical issues or billing inquiries. 

Free Trial Option: Ironclad offers a free trial version so businesses can explore the features before purchasing a subscription plan. During the free trial you'll have access to all core features as well as customer support.

12. ContractZen

ContractZen allows users to create and sign contracts, track expiration dates, store documents securely and collaborate on projects with team members. ContractZen also offers robust auditing, reporting, and analytics features that helps organisations stay compliant with regulatory requirements. 

ContractZen - Contract management software UK Buyers guide

Top Features: ContractZen offers a wide range of top notch features for streamlining the contract management process.

Pros: At the top, the software offers a centralised repository for all your documents and contracts that can be used from any device on any platform. This makes it incredibly easy to access and collaborate with stakeholders, allowing you to share individual documents or entire folders for maximum accessibility. Additionally, users can search through large amounts of data quickly and easily using full-text search capabilities, as well as filter by tags, categories, labels and more. 

The software also has great document management features including an interactive timeline that allows users to easily navigate between different time periods in order to review historic agreements and an automatic expiration warning that sends notifications when a contract is approaching its expiration date.

Cons: The cost of using ContractZen may not be feasible for all businesses due to its subscription fees and additional usage fees. Additionally, some users may find the interface difficult to navigate due to its complexity and lack of intuitive design elements. Finally, some features are only available on certain plans which can limit the capabilities of certain organisations who cannot afford more premium plans.

Free Trial Option: ContractZen offers a free 14-day trial. During this period users have access to all features including document collaboration tools and workflow automation functions at no cost.

Final thoughts

Investing in contract management software is a smart way to protect and accelerate your business. By testing out software that offers free trials, like Docue, you can try before you buy and make sure the investment is worth it for your company. In the long and medium term, contract management software typically pays for itself—as, overtime, it reduces costs, saves time and increases revenue. Ultimately, when you add up the cost - be it time spent manually drafting and managing documents, or lost sales volume dues to missed renewals—not investing in a contract management system, will probably cost you more.

Ready to discover how Docue can elevate your contract management process with automated, lawyer-grade contracts and dynamic archives? Book a demo today!