How Guider Dental are digitising the dental world and their contracting processes with Docue

Guider Dental is on a mission to digitise the dental industry. Initially seeking a single document from Docue, Guider Dental soon realised the need for a broader suite of legal templates to protect their business and ensure legal compliance. Docue’s extensive legal template bank, user-friendly interface, e-sign capabilities, and unlimited storage provided the perfect solution — all within a start-up budget.

Empowering Dental Tech Innovation: Guider Dental's Journey with Docue

Founded in 2022, Guider Dental (Guider) is led by entrepreneur and dental tech enthusiast, Marly Rider. Guider is at the forefront of dental technology innovation, aiming to digitise the dental design and manufacturing world. Guider creates simple, accurate, and efficient solutions for digitally guided dental surgery. While rapidly growing and taking the dental market by storm, Marly realised the need for robust legal documents to support the company's operations.

We interviewed Marly Rider, Founder of Guider Dental.

How did Guider Dental discover Docue?

“I first came across Docue when I was looking for a single legal template. But as I delved into the platform and reviewed the content in Docue's Legal Hub, I realised there were potential legal risks that we hadn’t previously considered as a start-up. It became clear that running a business required several legal documents in place to be compliant with laws and protect the company.”

The Challenge

 What problems were you trying to solve?

“Initially, I just wanted to create a supply of goods and services agreement for use with clients that would protect my business. Then, after doing some research on starting a business using Docue’s Legal Hub, I realised I needed more than just my contract with clients to protect my business. Our website was up and running, but it lacked some crucial documents in the beginning. For example, you need a privacy policy and cookie policy to make sure you’re compliant with data protection laws. This realisation prompted us to ensure we had all of the necessary legal documents in place, and I was impressed that with Docue, Guider had an entire legal template bank at its fingertips.”

“I also wanted to find a way to quickly get clients to sign our contract, so we could start providing our services ASAP.”

The Solution

 How did Docue address these challenges?

“Docue provided a range of templates that went far beyond my initial requirements. The platform's user-friendly interface and detailed step-by-step guidance made it easy to customise and manage important contracts with our clients.”

“Using Docue has significantly enhanced our legal compliance which admittedly, I had little knowledge of when I was setting up my business - all thanks to Docue’s legal templates and easy-to-understand content created by lawyers.”

“Docue has helped streamline our process for managing contracts and obtaining e-signatures, saving us a lot of time. Now, we can focus more on strategic and operational business activities rather than being bogged down by legal admin tasks.”

The Results

Can you share a specific example of how Docue made a difference?

“When I hired my first employee, Docue's employment contract template and the informative webinar with Talent Tent hosted by Docue's lawyers were so helpful. These resources acted as a checklist, ensuring Guider covered all legal and administrative aspects of becoming an employer."

“I love how when you click which party you are (either supplier or customer), the content in the template changes, so the terms are drafted from our perspective, making them more favourable to us.”

“The e-signature feature facilitated rapid document signing, with one client contract being signed in under 5 minutes. Once signed, the document was stored in our secure storage vault in Docue Drive, which can be easily accessed whenever we need – it’s streamlined three processes into one.”

Marly concluded:

Docue has been a total game-changer for the way we manage our legal documents. From onboarding new clients and employees efficiently, to ensuring compliance with data protection laws, the ease of use and rapid support from Docue’s Customer Support team have been invaluable to growing the business. I've never felt more organised or confident in our legal processes.

Future Outlook

With Docue, Guider Dental continues to thrive, focusing on innovation and growth in the dental tech industry, feeling equipped with the tools necessary for agile, digitally-driven, compliant business operations.

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