Docue Drive is here - the new AI-powered contract management tool

Docue is proud to introduce a new contract management tool, Docue Drive, which changes the contract management game with its intelligence and ease of use. Drive's advanced features solve most of the headaches caused when it comes to maintaining legal documents securely.

From January 2024, Docue has announced a new contract management tool, Docue Drive, which is now available in all Docue product packages. Drive is an innovative solution for storing and managing contracts under the conditions of modern business.

The majority of companies struggle with their contracts. The contracts are scattered in different cloud services and e-mails. Contracts disappear, their important dates are forgotten, they are distributed to the wrong people or their essential points are overlooked.

Docue Drive is the solution to manage this chaos. It's not just a repository where contracts are dumped, it brings contracts to life with dates, attachments and tags. The advanced tool includes the following features, among others:

  • Automatic identifiers: automated tags (e.g. parties, dates, subject) that you can use to enhance your documents as they are created. Tags make finding and managing documents even easier.

  • Summaries of documents created by artificial intelligence:  Drive includes an artificial intelligence assistant that creates a summary of any document you create in the service with the click of a button. You will always receive the summary in your own language, regardless of the language of the document.

  • Save important dates of contracts: never miss another important date in a contract by scheduling reminders for yourself or your team about measures related to contracts (e.g. price increases, end of trial period, contract renewal, etc.).

  • Advanced user management: you can effortlessly organise your documents into folders. Safely share documents with internal account users and external third parties. Easily manage access permissions for each folder, ensuring control over who can access specific content.

  • Smart, lightning-fast search: find your contract effortlessly based on a wide range of features e.g. folder, author of the document, date, tags or other metadata.

Docue Drive follows industry best security practices. All documents are stored encrypted in highly secure data centres within the EU and two-step login prevents unauthorised access, so you can rest easy knowing that your documents are safely stored.

“Drive is the single biggest improvement in the history of our service. Together with our pilot customers, we completely rethought our archive solutions from scratch. The new Drive is a big improvement in document findability and manageability for both small and large companies. It also creates a good foundation for new, even smarter artificial intelligence-based solutions that we are currently developing," says Mikko Kutilainen, Chief Architect of Docue's software development.

Docue's automated document templates and advanced electronic signature combined with new contract management features enable the company to smoothly centralise all contract creation and contract follow-up in one service.

"We have in our hands a unique set of services for any growing company that wants a simple and scalable solution for its contracts. The investment is really small in relation to how valuable the contracts are. This milestone helps our customers achieve better results and directly affects the value of the company", says Jukka Jaakkola, Commercial Director of Docue.

Docue Drive is now automatically enabled for all new customers. The transfer of existing accounts will take place gradually during 2024. If you are interested in transferring your existing account among the first, please contact our customer support team.


Docue's Legal Team