Sign, Seal, Deliver: Contract Management for Creative Agencies

The contract creation, contract automation, and lifecycle management tools you need to make better agreements and grow your agency faster

Streamline each stage of the contract workflow

Tired of managing contracts and paperwork across various channels and platforms? Docue streamlines every stage of the contracting process so you can draft, send and sign lawyer-grade documents, from one platform, in a matter of minutes.

Automate your contracts from creation to renewal

Make it easy to control and mange the lifecycle of your contracts. Set up a document tracking, customise permissions, or use simple automated reminders to save time and money.

130+ professional, responsive templates

Grow your business with our 130+ UK specific, lawyer written, lawyer maintained contract templates for every business need. Find Service Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Freelance Agreements, Licensing Agreements and many more.

Collaboration tools give time back to you

With Docue, multiple users can access and sign documents from anywhere, at any time. Docue makes collaboration easy and fast, leaving you with more time to do what you do best: delivering amazing work to your clients.

Security protocols give you peace of mind

Know your data is safe thanks to our security certifications, bank level encryptions and storage within the EU. An external information security company audits our service regularly.

eSignature helps you close agreements faster

Speed up agreement turnaround time with electronic signatures. Set your own signing order, customise your invitations with your own branding and sign an unlimited number of documents (prepared in Docue or elsewhere) in a few quick clicks.

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An unlimited, dynamic approach to storage

You can store, access, manage and archive all your contracts and legal documents (including documents made on other platforms) in Docue’s smart folders.


Does Docue help agencies cut costs?
Docue helps creative agencies save time and money, in several ways: by reducing manual errors, accelerating contract turnaround time, and improving overall productivity. These cost savings can add up over time, resulting in significant benefits for your agency and your bottom line.
Do I need a lot of technical or legal experience to use Docue?
No, you don't need a lot of technical or legal experience to use Docue. We designed Docue to be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that guides you through the process of creating, sending, and signing documents and contracts.
I have more questions. How can I talk to someone?
You can reach our sales team by calling us at +44 7360 497 499 or by booking a free, personalised demo at the link above.

Modern, on-brand contracts that streamline HR, sales and admin

Dynamic on-brand templates hand-crafted by UK lawyers

Automate your routine contracts: from Talent Agreements to NDAs

Go paperless with electronic signatures

Transform your client relationships with smarter, faster agreements

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