How to eSign a PDF (The Easy Way)

Are you looking for an easy way to sign a PDF document without having to print it out, sign it with pen and paper, and re-scan the document? This guide will show you how to do it the easy and smart way. 

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There are a few ways to e-sign PDFs, including using online e-signature solutions, using PDF editing software with built-in e-signature functionality, or using a mobile app specifically designed for e-signing PDFs. In this post we'll show you how to sign PDFs using an e-signature solution and with PDF editing software.

What is an electronic signature? 

An electronic signature is an electronic process that is used to signify agreement or authorisation of a document. It can be used with both online and offline documents, making it a great tool for those who need to quickly sign off on contracts or other important documents. Electronic signatures have been around since the 1990s, but their usage has grown significantly in recent years as more businesses turn to digital solutions for their document management needs.

How does eSigning work? 

E-signing a PDF can be an easy and straightforward process if you have the right tools. One of the easiest ways to e-sign a PDF is to use an online e-signature service such as Docue, Adobe Sign, or HelloSign. These services allow you to upload your PDF, add your signature or initials, and then send the signed document to the recipient.

To e-sign a PDF using an online e-signature service, first, create an account with your chosen provider. Next, upload the PDF you need to sign and select the option to add your signature or initials. Next, you’ll add in the required details (name/title of signer and date/time) before inserting your signature into the designated field. You can draw your signature with your mouse, upload an image of your signature, or choose from a selection of pre-designed signatures. Once this is done, click “Save” and your signature will now be embedded into the PDF document. You can then send the signed version via email or download it directly from the eSignature platform itself. 

Another easy way to e-sign a PDF is to use PDF editing software that includes built-in e-signature functionality. Adobe Acrobat and Nitro Pro are two popular options that allow you to add electronic signatures to PDFs. With these programs, you can open your PDF, add your signature or initials, and then save the document. You can then send the signed PDF to the recipient via email or other means.

In summary, e-signing a PDF can be done in several ways, but using an online e-signature service is the easiest and most secure way.

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Benefits of Electronic Signatures 

Using an electronic signature not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with printing out paperwork and manually signing them. If you use an esignature tool, it also adds an extra layer of security because digital signatures are encrypted using advanced security protocols such as SHA-256 encryption algorithms so that meaning can’t be fraudulently copied or changed once they are embedded into the document itself.

Some eSignature providers, like Docue, offer tamper-proof records which give users peace of mind knowing that their signatures are secure against any malicious activities or modifications of their data afterwards. Finally, electronic signatures are legally binding in many countries around the world including the UK, the US and most European Union countries which makes them especially attractive for businesses dealing with international clients who may not all be located in one physical location but need to get documents signed quickly nonetheless. 

Electronic signatures are a key part of a modern contract management process

While eSignatures are a part of contract management software, Contract management software is much more than just a tool to collect eSignatures. Modern contract mangagement software enables organizations to automate and optimise the entire contract processes, from the negotiation and drafting stages all the way to execution and storage of signed contracts. Contract automation features ensure that parties are compliant with the terms at each stage of the agreement and alerted to any discrepancies immediately. Smart archives meanwhile provide extensive visibility into your existing agreements, allowing users to easily search for specific contracts, track deadlines, and remain up-to-date on performance metrics. 

The best contract management platforms come equipped with additional security measures such as encryption protocols designed to protect confidential data. These tools can even provide robust analytics so you can measure how efficiently your organization is able to complete contracts and make necessary adjustments accordingly. Some platforms allow users to customise their workflow settings for maximum efficiency; this includes setting up automated reminders when actions need to be taken or integrating other external applications such as Salesforce for a streamlined experience. Ultimately, contract management tools do not end with eSignature capabilities. They offer organisations a streamlined and secure way of managing their agreements in a cost effective manner – from creation to signature to completion – saving time, reducing risks and maximising productivity and revenue across the organisation.

Final thoughts 

Electronic signatures provide businesses with a convenient solution for signing PDFs and other documents online without incurring additional printing costs and mailing expenses associated with manual signing processes. They enable companies and individuals to sign off on agreements and legal documents with speed and accuracy, providing a secure way to confirm legally binding transactions. Ultimately, electronic signatures are best used as part of a wider CLM solution.  

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