Don't risk it: why your startup needs proper legal templates now

Using legal templates can save you time and money whilst also protecting your business from legal risks, and you don't need to hire lawyers to create documents from scratch anymore.

Founders using legal templates to protect their startup

Custom legal templates are essential tools that every business owner should consider utilising. They can help businesses to operate more efficiently, reduce legal costs, and minimise the risks associated with legal issues. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of legal templates and how they can benefit your business.

What are custom legal templates?

Custom legal templates are pre-drafted legal documents that can be customised to suit a particular business or legal requirement, making them bespoke to your business needs. Legal templates are drafted by legal professionals and cover a wide range of legal topics such as general contracts, employment agreements, privacy policies, terms of service, and more. At Docue, our in-house team of lawyers meticulously handcrafts and maintains our library of legal templates, all of which can be fully customised to meet your business's needs.

Here are some reasons why legal templates are important for your business:

Save time and money

Legal templates are pre-drafted, which means you don't have to spend time and money creating legal documents from scratch. They also eliminate the need to hire a lawyer to draft the documents for you, which can save you thousands of pounds in legal fees.

Reduce legal risks

Legal templates are crafted to encompass various dimensions of the legal matters they pertain to. By utilising a legal template, you can rest assured that you are addressing all legal aspects and minimising the potential hazards connected to legal issues. Custom contracts provide a tailored approach to meet specific business requirements, ensuring that your agreements align precisely with the unique needs of the parties involved. By incorporating specific clauses and provisions, custom contracts offer a higher level of protection and reduce the likelihood of legal disputes or uncertainties.

Ensure consistency

Legal templates help to ensure consistency in your contracts. They use standard legal language and are drafted to be consistent with relevant laws and regulations. This consistency ensures that your documents are more likely to be enforceable by courts, but also encourages a consistent approach to contracting across your business.

Provide clarity

Legal templates are designed to provide clarity and make legal issues easier to understand. They are drafted in plain language that is easy to understand and can be customised to suit the particular needs of your business.

Customise to suit your needs

Legal templates can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business. You can add or remove clauses as necessary and tailor the language to suit your business requirements, so you have a fully tailored and bespoke contract.

Keep your business up-to-date

Docue's legal templates are updated regularly to reflect changes in laws and regulations. By using our legal templates, you can be confident that your legal documents are up-to-date and comply with current legal requirements.

What are some examples of popular legal templates?

There are many legal templates available on Docue's platform, covering a wide range of legal topics and business needs. Here are some examples of legal templates that your businesses may find useful:

Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

If you operate a website, it's important to have website terms of use and a website privacy notice in place. These legal documents govern the use of your website and protect your business from legal issues related to user data and privacy.

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Employment contracts

Employment agreements are essential legal documents that govern the relationship between an employer and an employee. They cover important issues such as job duties, compensation, benefits, and termination.

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Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Non-disclosure agreements are legal documents that protect confidential information from being shared with unauthorised parties. NDAs are commonly used in business transactions, such as when two companies are considering a merger or acquisition or otherwise going into business with each other.

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Sales contracts

Sales contracts are legal documents that govern the sale of goods or services by a supplier to a customer. They cover important issues such as payment terms, delivery, warranties, and liability.

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Board minutes

Company law requires minutes to be taken when a company's directors hold a meeting to approve any matters. With our template, you can keep a record of a company's board meetings and document the decisions taken at the meeting.

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Using Docue's legal templates to save time and money

We get it, legal templates can seem like an unnecessary expense for a startup, but the truth is legal pitfalls can be devastating. From ambiguous contracts that lead to disputes, to non-compliance with regulations that result in hefty fines, the consequences can be severe. You don't want to go there. And with solutions like Docue, you don't need to. Instead of struggling to draft contracts from scratch or spending hours in expensive consultations with lawyers, with just a few clicks, you can automate the process and discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your legal foundation is rock solid.

So, don't risk it; give your business the legal protection it deserves, today.

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