We Are Docue: Heather Stark, Head of Legal, UK

Welcome to the third edition of We Are Docue, a series where we introduce all the talented and passionate people who make Docue an amazing platform - and an exceptional place to work.

Today we’re introducing you to Heather Stark. Heather is the Head of Legal at Docue UK, and she was part of the founding team at Docue UK.

Ready to meet Heather? Let’s start.

Hi Heather, thanks for taking the time to chat! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Heather: Hello! I live in Yorkshire and I’m a commercial and technology lawyer by background. I worked in private practice at different national and international law firms before joining Docue. I’ve been with Docue since it launched in the UK back in October 2022 and it’s been great to have played a part in its journey so far in the UK.

Could you tell us about your role at Docue?

Heather: Of course - I head up the legal team in the UK. My role is split between supporting the business internally and managing the legal content in the Docue platform. With the rest of the legal team, I create and look after our legal templates to make sure they are always up-to-date and as user-friendly as possible. I also create content for our Legal Hub, which is a great legal resource for businesses. I also work closely with our sales and customer success teams to support our customers, and make sure they are getting the most out of our service.

How do you see your role contributing to Docue’s mission?

Heather: Docue is transforming the way businesses can access legal documents, and being responsible for creating and maintaining those documents is extremely fulfilling. Our service takes away the need for businesses to invest in expensive (and time-consuming) legal services, and instead offers an efficient and intuitive way of creating and storing legal documents. For start-ups in particular, Docue makes legal documents accessible, whilst also supporting businesses through the document creation process with tips and guidance notes that myself and the rest of the legal team provide. It means that businesses have the tools to create high-quality legal documents themselves, which it is great to help facilitate.

What does your day-to-day typically look like?

Heather: My role at Docue is really varied and every day looks different! Typically, my day will include contract drafting, coding, website content creation and cross-team collaboration.

I will spend part of my day drafting legal templates and coding them into our platform. In addition to creating new legal templates, I also work on reviewing and improving our existing templates, so that they comply with current laws and are the best they can be. As well as working on the templates, throughout each day I support our sales and customer success teams with queries they have, and advise the business on its internal legal matters. I also create legal content for our website, review marketing materials, host webinars on different legal topics, and co-host our podcast series, Docue Digest, with my colleague Ashleigh Evans.

What is the best part of your job at Docue?

Heather: I love getting to work with a broad range of people across the business, both in the UK and our international operations. Although we’re fully remote in the UK, we have a truly collaborative culture, regularly catching up on video calls and via Slack. It’s great to pool ideas and work together, both when developing our product and also to support our customers. Working with others on such an innovative product brings real job satisfaction.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Heather: Before working at Docue, I worked in a more traditional legal role in private practice. That didn’t include coding, which is an entirely new skill set. Coding legal templates can sometimes be tricky - a complex bit of code really requires you to get your head down and focus until the code comes together and works. When the code does work though, it’s very satisfying to see!

When you aren’t working, what can we find you doing?

Heather: I love being outside in the countryside and I spend as much time as I can in the Yorkshire Dales walking my cocker spaniel Poppy.

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