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Create lawyer-grade contracts in minutes, send or request e-signatures on any device and manage smarter HR agreements across the employee lifecycle.

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Focus on People, Not Paperwork

Docue’s dynamic content engine is transforming the entire HR legal process. Here's how...

Compliance from Hire to Retire

Docue supports every legal aspect of the employee life cycle from onboarding and performance management to retirement and off-boarding. Forget paper files, email and other old school methods, and start using automated contracts, smart workflows and easy reminders to manage offer letters, employment contracts, staff handbooks, NDAs, role changes and more.

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Give candidates and employees a satisfying and efficient HR experience and set yourself apart from competitors as a modern, digitalised workplace.

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Give your Legacy Templates Superpowers

What happens to the document templates that you already spent time and money to develop? We've made it easy for you to import them to Docue where you can transform them with advanced customisation, compliance, e-signature and smart archiving features.

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Over 100,000 Customers Manage Contracts with Docue. Here's What They're Saying.


"With the help of Docue, we got rid of even the last papers, that is, our engagement contracts that are printed for signing. Today, we draw up all contracts with Docue with electronic signatures"

Anu Reniers

Managing Director, Paperless

"We have had a very good experience using the service! The format of the contracts is neat and functional. The automation of the service is also really convenient. At best, a contract or other document is done in 10 minutes. several dozen a month, so the time savings are huge. "

Jouko Pannula

Entrepreneur, BRAND premises

Create a Professional Legal document in Just a Few Clicks

Starting up a business, hiring new employees or simply need to improve your sales process? Create hundreds of different legally binding and professional documents with Docue.