Check out Docue's brand new Legal Hub

We are very happy to announce that we have just launched our newest feature – the Legal Hub. Docue's go-to resource for business legal support.

Docue's brand new Legal Hub is now live!

Check our newly launched Legal Hub to find a range of resources to help your business. From FAQs to how-to guides to checklists, there is a vast array of over 90 resources available all in one place to give your business confidence with its legal documents and help you understand legal requirements.

Here's a sneak peak of the type of content you'll find in the Legal Hub:

  1. Comprehensive guides - our comprehensive guides provide in-depth analysis and knowledge about a particular legal topic or document. For example, the guide could cover how to create an employment contract or everything you need to know about master services agreements;

  2. FAQs - want to find out key information about a particular legal topic quickly? That's where our frequently asked questions come in e.g. FAQs about NDAs or consumer-facing T&Cs.

  3. Checklists - our checklists can be a key tool in helping you ensure legal compliance. For example, take a look at this checklist for businesses looking to achieve data protection compliance;

  4. How-to guides - our how-to guides are there to support you with a range of activities and legal topics e.g. drafting a shareholders agreement.

Created by lawyers

All our articles and other resources have been written by our UK lawyers who have extensive knowledge of a wide range of legal areas - from company law to data protection law to general contract law. Running a business can involve navigating complex legal requirements and documents - that's why our resources have been created with businesses in mind to help demystify those legal issues.

Each article has a date stamp so you can see when it was last updated by one of our lawyers.

So simple to use

With Docue's Legal Templates and Legal Hub, you are given the tools and knowledge needed to boost your business in a really easy-to-use way:

  • Easy to navigate - you can easily navigate through articles using the bar on the left side of the reading view, which allows you to jump to the section you are interested in.

  • Easy to search - finding an article about a particular topic or legal template couldn't be easier. Either click on the folder relevant to your topic and scroll through the available articles (e.g. Employment and HR), or use the interactive search bar to search for your topic that way.

Visit Docue's Legal Hub now to use our engaging resources to sharpen your legal knowledge and boost your business!

Docue's Legal Team