Employment and HR

Guide Updated 8 Sept 2023

Top 3 clauses to include in a temporary or casual employment contract

Casual employment contracts and temporary employment contracts can bring flexibility to your business - find out what to include in your contract to maximise its impact here.
Checklist Updated 5 Sept 2023

What to include in terms of employment to ensure they comply with employment law

UK employment law includes strict requirements about what terms and conditions of employment must include - use this checklist to make sure you don't get it wrong.
Checklist Updated 5 Sept 2023

Checklist for drafting a written warning (Incl. lawyer-drafted template)

Enhance your HR toolkit with our checklist for crafting effective written warning letters (first and final). Discover key insights for issuing impactful written warnings that promote improvement and fairness.
FAQ Updated 21 Sept 2023

Top 5 frequently asked questions about agreements between directors and a company

Get answers to the top 5 FAQs about an agreement between a director and a company. From roles and responsibilities to legal considerations, find clarity and confidence in director-company relationships.
Guide Updated 21 Sept 2023

Why does your business need a director's employment contract? (Incl. a lawyer drafted template)

Discover the reasons why your business should have a director's employment contract in place. Explore the benefits, legal protection and efficiency it can offer and get access to a lawyer-drafted template.
Guide Updated 21 Sept 2023

7 key terms to include in a director's service contract

Find out the top 7 clauses to include in your director's service contract to manage relationships with directors and protect your business. Use our director's service contract template to elevate your corporate governance.
Guide Updated 5 Sept 2023

A simple guide to 5 types of common disciplinary actions

Managing workplace conflicts and performance issues? Explore our guide on disciplinary actions in the workplace. Find out how to maintain a harmonious work environment while addressing misconduct and underperformance.
Checklist Updated 5 Sept 2023

Checklist for creating a comprehensive disciplinary policy (Incl. lawyer drafted template)

Promote fairness and clarity in your workplace with a well-structured disciplinary policy. Explore key elements and steps for creating one that aligns with the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.
Guide Updated 13 Sept 2023

A practical 6-step guide to disciplinary procedures (Incl. lawyer-drafted templates)

Navigate disciplinary procedures with confidence using our comprehensive 6-step guide and lawyer-drafted templates. Aligned with the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures, this guide will help you effectively address employee issues with a robust and fair disciplinary procedure.
Guide Updated 8 Sept 2023

How to write an employment agreement (4 easy steps)

If you're a business owner, one of the most important things you'll need to do is write an employment agreement, but it's critical that you make sure everything is in order before you hire someone.
Guide Updated 27 Sept 2023

A comprehensive guide to creating an employment contract - including an employment contract example

Find out everything you know about how employment contracts can protect your business, including how to create yours using our employment contract example.
Guide Updated 21 Sept 2023

Explained: the difference between executive and non-executive directors

Discover the differences between executive and non-executive directors in our insightful guide. Find out the legal documents needed, including an example executive director agreement.
Article Updated 8 Sept 2023

9 types of UK employment contract (and everything you need to know about them)

In this article, you'll learn all about the different types of employment contracts in the UK (including fixed term employment contracts), what each contract covers and how to use Docue's employment templates to customise your own.
FAQ Updated 8 Sept 2023

Top 5 frequently asked questions about part time and full time employment contracts

Employing people part time can afford flexibility to your business and open up the pool of talent available - find out about the differences between part time employment contracts and full time employment contracts here.