Technology contracts

Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

3 types of resale agreements: choosing the right kind for your business

Explore the different types of resale agreements and their unique rights for your business.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

4 top tips for software suppliers when negotiating software contracts

Unlock valuable insights on negotiating software contracts with these 4 essential steps from technology law experts. From understanding licensing terms to securing favourable terms and conditions, master the art of negotiation to optimise your software agreements.
Guide Updated 27 Sept 2023

4 types of SaaS software pricing models: which one is right for your business?

Explore 4 of the most common types of pricing models when it comes to SaaS software. Understand the pros and cons of each model to make an informed decision. Find the ideal pricing strategy to maximise value and customer satisfaction for your business.
Checklist Updated 6 Sept 2023

5 essential steps for protecting your intellectual property in MSA contracts

Learn how to secure your intellectual property in MSA contracts with these 5 essential steps. Protect your innovations and trade secrets like a pro. Safeguard and maximise the value of your IP using this handy checklist curated by lawyers.
Checklist Updated 26 Oct 2023

6 must-have clauses to include in your SaaS terms and conditions to protect your business

Protect your business and mitigate risk by including these 6 essential clauses in your SaaS terms and conditions. From the software scope to data security to intellectual property rights, learn how to protect your business and maximise the value of your service with this jargon-free checklist.
Guide Updated 17 Jan 2024

6 top tips for creating an airtight statement of work

Lay the foundations for a successful project with a well-crafted statement of work. In this short guide, our legal experts share six crucial tips, from payment structures to service levels, to help you master the art of drafting a watertight statement of work.
Checklist Updated 6 Sept 2023

7 essential clauses to include in software licensing agreements

Ensure your software licensing agreements are comprehensive and protect your company's interests. Discover the essential clauses that should be included in your software licences, covering rights and restrictions, intellectual property, liability and more.
Checklist Updated 5 Sept 2023

7 key provisions to include in a EULA template for software vendors

Create a solid EULA template with our expert checklist. Explore key provisions such as the grant of the licence of the software, usage restrictions, ownership, liability limits, termination consequences and governing law/jurisdiction. Protect your software and build trust with your users today.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

7 top tips to create effective software resale contracts

Discover our 7 essential tips for software resale contracts, designed to safeguard your business, drive sales and cultivate robust relationships.
FAQ Updated 5 Sept 2023

8 frequently asked questions about end user licence agreements

Uncover answers to the top 8 frequently asked questions by software owners. Discover how end user licence agreements protect software owners, delve into the key clauses that shape these contracts and find out what clickwrap agreements are.
Guide Updated 7 Sept 2023

A complete guide to EULAs: What they are and why they matter (Incl. a lawyer-drafted template)

Navigate the world of software protection with EULAs. Our guide explains their crucial role and how to protect your rights as a software vendor. Create your own EULA with Docue's lawyer-drafted template.
Article Updated 2 Jul 2024

Agile v waterfall: how to choose the right development methodology for your software development contract

Discover key insights on choosing between agile and waterfall methodologies for your next software project. We compare both approaches, highlight their benefits and drawbacks, and offer practical tips to help you select the best fit for your software development contract.
FAQ Updated 6 Sept 2023

Ask the experts: top 5 FAQs about proprietary software

Our legal experts delve into the top FAQs about proprietary software, discover what it is, its advantages and how it differs from open software.
FAQ Updated 16 Oct 2023

Ask the experts: top 6 FAQs about open source software

Uncover answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about open source software, including its definition, advantages, licensing nuances and how it differs from proprietary software.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

EULA vs software licence agreement: What are the differences?

Understand the key differences between end user licence agreements (EULAs) and software licence agreements, and discover which is the right contract for your business. Learn how to protect your software interests effectively.
Guide Updated 30 Jan 2024

Everything you need to know about MSAs: a comprehensive guide for businesses

From understanding the key components to navigating negotiations, this guide will help you equip yourself with the insights needed to master MSAs and cultivate successful business relationships.
FAQ Updated 6 Sept 2023

Framework agreements: 8 FAQs answered by experts with examples to guide you through the process

Curious about framework agreements? Get answers to 8 frequently asked questions in this informative guide created by legal experts. Start navigating your framework agreements with confidence.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

Licensing software: a comprehensive guide to software licence agreements

Gain a thorough understanding of software licence agreements with this comprehensive guide written by tech law experts. Explore key concepts, common clauses and best practices to navigate the complexities of licensing software effectively and protect your interests.
Article Updated 6 Sept 2023

MSAs v SOWs: the perfect recipe for a successful business relationship

Explore how an MSA agreement and SOWs can work harmoniously together to speed up your contracting process, enhance efficiency and protect your business interests.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

Reseller agreements 101: a beginners guide to navigating resale relationships

Explore the different types of resale agreements and their unique rights for your business.
Guide Updated 18 Sept 2023

SaaS agreements: what they are and why they matter

Discover the basics of a SaaS agreement and how it differs from traditional software licensing as we dive into the essential provisions required to draft a solid SaaS agreement.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

Saas licences vs. traditional software licences: key differences between each software licence model

Gain insights into the advantages, limitations and key considerations when choosing between SaaS agreements and traditional software licences. Make informed decisions to protect your business and ensure your software licences are fit for purpose.
Guide Updated 5 Sept 2023

Software intellectual property: how to mitigate risk and protect your business

Safeguard your business by understanding software intellectual property. Learn effective strategies to mitigate risks, protect your software assets and navigate legal considerations to keep your software intellectual property secure.
Guide Updated 19 Dec 2023

The ultimate guide to SOWs - everything you need to know (including a lawyer-drafted SOW template)

Optimise project management and streamline your contracting process with our comprehensive guide to statements of work (SOWs). Gain insights from legal experts and access a lawyer-drafted SOW template to help your business enhance efficiency, mitigate risks and conserve resources for your projects.
FAQ Updated 3 Nov 2023

Top 5 FAQs about service level agreements (SLAs)

Discover the answers to the most common questions about service level agreements. Get insights into SLA essentials, best practices and more, including a service level agreement example.
FAQ Updated 19 Jun 2024

Top 6 frequently asked questions about SaaS contracts

Explore the answers to the top 6 questions asked about SaaS contracts and gain valuable insights into your SaaS contracts with our comprehensive FAQs.
FAQ Updated 17 Jan 2024

Why acceptance criteria matter in your sow projects: 5 essential FAQs

Get answers to your most pressing questions about acceptance criteria with our top 5 FAQs. From client alignment to risk reduction, see how well-defined criteria contribute to the success of your sow projects.