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Guide Updated 27 Oct 2023

4 top tips for crafting a win-win business settlement contract

Discover the top 4 expert tips to create a comprehensive business settlement contract. Gain valuable insights, including the importance of clear language, detailed settlement terms, and long-term implications.
Guide Updated 8 Feb 2024

4 top tips to protect yourself using a contract for freelance work

Learn four crucial tips for safeguarding your freelance work, revenue, and intellectual property rights for a successful freelance career. From clarifying expectations to getting paid on time, empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate freelancer contracts confidently.
Guide Updated 28 May 2024

6 steps to success: a step-by-step guide to creating a freelancer agreement

Crafting a successful freelancer agreement is crucial for a seamless collaboration. Dive into our step-by-step guide, learning how to clarify payment terms, set project deadlines, and establish intellectual property ownership. Build a strong foundation for a successful freelance journey.
Guide Updated 17 Jan 2024

6 top tips for creating an airtight statement of work

Lay the foundations for a successful project with a well-crafted statement of work. In this short guide, our legal experts share six crucial tips, from payment structures to service levels, to help you master the art of drafting a watertight statement of work.
Guide Updated 31 May 2024

7 top tips for creating a consultancy contract that protects your interests

Discover 7 essential tips for crafting a consultancy contract that safeguards your interests and ensures clear, effective terms for each of your consultancy engagements. Learn how to protect your rights and set clear expectations for successful partnerships.
Guide Updated 8 Feb 2024

A comprehensive (but simple) guide to freelance contracts (Incl. a lawyer drafted template)

Navigate the intricacies of freelance contracts like a pro. Our comprehensive guide, complete with a lawyer-drafted template, equips freelancers with insights into the nuances and key components of freelance contracts and why they’re so important.
Guide Updated 18 Apr 2024

A simple but comprehensive guide to recruitment agency agreements for recruiters (inc. lawyer drafted template)

Discover the importance of establishing a secure legal framework for every successful recruitment business through a watertight recruitment agency agreement.
Checklist Updated 30 May 2024

Checklist: 5-steps for robust contracts for consulting services

Master the art of creating robust contracts for consulting services with these five essential steps. Our legal experts have curated this checklist to help you mitigate potential risks and set the stage for successful engagements with clients.
Checklist Updated 19 Mar 2024

Checklist: what to include in your collaboration contract

Drafting a collaboration contract? Ensure your agreement covers all bases with our comprehensive checklist. From defining roles to outlining obligations, our blog guides you through the essential components for a solid collaboration contract.
Guide Updated 8 Sept 2023

Data Protection Policy UK: Everything you need to know

Learn how to create an adequate data protection policy (UK) to protect your business from data breaches and comply with regulations like the UK GDPR.
Guide Updated 30 Apr 2024

Essential elements of a recruitment contract: top 6 clauses to include

Navigate the complexities of recruitment contracts like a pro with our step-by-step guide to crafting a recruitment contract.
Guide Updated 27 Oct 2023

How to draft a business settlement agreement: top 5 clauses to include

Learn how to draft a comprehensive business settlement agreement with our expert guide. Discover the top 5 essential clauses to effectively resolve business disputes, prevent future claims and protect your business interests.
Guide Updated 5 Feb 2024

How to draft a referral contract - 3 top tips

Find out the secret to drafting a robust referral contract with this blog. Discover three expert tips that will guide you through the intricacies of creating an effective agreement.
Guide Updated 12 Sept 2023

How to write a health and safety policy (Explained by UK lawyers)

Learn how to craft a comprehensive health and safety policy with expert guidance from UK lawyers. This guide demystifies the process, ensuring your workplace is both safe and legally compliant.
Guide Updated 14 Sept 2023

Influencer agreements 101: how to use influencer marketing to drive your business forward (incl. lawyer drafted template)

Unlock the power of influencer marketing with our comprehensive guide to influencer agreements. Learn how well-crafted agreements empower brands and content creators to harness the influence of online personalities for mutual success.
Guide Updated 19 Mar 2024

Maximising efficiency in collaborative projects: the importance of a collaboration agreement (Incl. a lawyer drafted template)

Find out how a well-drafted collaboration agreement can protect your business and lead to effective working relationships when collaborating on a project.
FAQ Updated 26 Feb 2024

Navigating UK whistleblowing law: answering the top 5 FAQs

Whistleblowing plays a crucial role in safeguarding transparency and accountability within organisations. In the United Kingdom, robust legislation exists to protect whistleblowers and encourage the reporting of wrongdoing. However, navigating the intricacies of UK whistleblowing law can be daunting. To shed light on this vital topic, let's explore the top five frequently asked questions about whistleblowing law in the UK.
FAQ Updated 5 Feb 2024

Referral agreements: your top FAQs answered

Unlock the secrets of effective referral arrangements, including our referral agreement template. Find answers to your top 5 FAQs, demystifying the world of referral agreements for a seamless and successful referral partnership.
Guide Updated 27 Oct 2023

Settling business disputes: a simple guide to commercial settlement agreements

Learn the crucial elements to create commercial settlement agreements, empowering businesses to navigate disputes efficiently. This comprehensive guide delves into the essential elements, real-life applications, and the strategic advantages that commercial settlement agreements offer.
Guide Updated 8 Feb 2024

The ultimate guide to navigating payment terms as a self-employed freelancer

Empower yourself as a self-employed freelancer with our essential guide to payment terms. From crafting robust payment terms to dealing with late payments, this guide will help you negotiate fair terms and protect your revenue.
Guide Updated 19 Dec 2023

The ultimate guide to SOWs - everything you need to know (including a lawyer-drafted SOW template)

Optimise project management and streamline your contracting process with our comprehensive guide to statements of work (SOWs). Gain insights from legal experts and access a lawyer-drafted SOW template to help your business enhance efficiency, mitigate risks and conserve resources for your projects.
Guide Updated 30 May 2024

Understanding consultant fees: a simple guide to payment terms for consultants

Navigate payment terms confidently with this simple guide to consultant fees. From crafting robust payment terms to dealing with late payments, this guide will help you negotiate fair terms that protect your interests.
Guide Updated 26 Feb 2024

Whistleblowing Policy: why your organisation needs one & what to include

The law that surrounds whistleblowers is quite complex, and not every complaint will fall under the protection of whistleblower law. With that in mind, your business will need to implement a whistleblower policy, which sets out what your business will do in the event of a complaint, and the kinds of complaints that are protected by whistleblowing law.
FAQ Updated 17 Jan 2024

Why acceptance criteria matter in your sow projects: 5 essential FAQs

Get answers to your most pressing questions about acceptance criteria with our top 5 FAQs. From client alignment to risk reduction, see how well-defined criteria contribute to the success of your sow projects.
Guide Updated 30 May 2024

Your ultimate guide to consultancy agreements (including lawyer-drafted template)

Whether you're a consultant or a company in need of an extra pair of hands for a particular project, a well-crafted consultancy agreement is essential for a successful and stress-free engagement. In this guide, our legal experts will delve into the importance of having a comprehensive consultancy agreement and the key aspects to consider when creating your own template.