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Guide Updated 13 Sept 2023

Whistleblowing Policy: why your organisation needs one & what to include

The law that surrounds whistleblowers is quite complex, and not every complaint will fall under the protection of whistleblower law. With that in mind, your business will need to implement a whistleblower policy, which sets out what your business will do in the event of a complaint, and the kinds of complaints that are protected by whistleblowing law.
Guide Updated 5 Sept 2023

Maximising efficiency in collaborative projects: the importance of a collaboration agreement (Incl. a lawyer drafted template)

Find out how a well-drafted collaboration agreement can protect your business and lead to effective working relationships when collaborating on a project.
Guide Updated 8 Sept 2023

Data Protection Policy UK: Everything you need to know

Learn how to create an adequate data protection policy (UK) to protect your business from data breaches and comply with regulations like the UK GDPR.
Guide Updated 12 Sept 2023

How to write a health and safety policy (Explained by UK lawyers)

Learn how to craft a comprehensive health and safety policy with expert guidance from UK lawyers. This guide demystifies the process, ensuring your workplace is both safe and legally compliant.
Guide Updated 14 Sept 2023

Influencer agreements 101: how to use influencer marketing to drive your business forward (incl. lawyer drafted template)

Unlock the power of influencer marketing with our comprehensive guide to influencer agreements. Learn how well-crafted agreements empower brands and content creators to harness the influence of online personalities for mutual success.