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Guide Updated 11 Jul 2024

3 key things to remember when creating your own Scottish contracts

Discover the top 3 essential considerations for drafting legal documents that are governed by Scottish laws. Our legal experts guide you through some of the intricacies of Scottish contract law, empowering you to create your own robust and enforceable Scottish contracts.
Guide Updated 15 Dec 2023

3 top tips for drafting a privacy statement for your website

Elevate your privacy statement for your website with our top 3 expert tips. Learn how to craft a clear, compliant, and user-friendly privacy statement that shows your commitment to data protection.
Guide Updated 8 Sept 2023

3 top tips for negotiating a transfer of business ownership agreement

Enhance your negotiating skills for a transfer of business ownership agreement with our top 3 tips. Read our expert advice on effective negotiation strategies to master the art of negotiating a successful transfer of business.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

3 types of resale agreements: choosing the right kind for your business

Explore the different types of resale agreements and their unique rights for your business.
Guide Updated 5 Sept 2023

3 ways to use your client agreement to strengthen client relationships

Find out how to build client trust and strengthen your brand by using a well-drafted client agreement.
Guide Updated 27 Oct 2023

4 top tips for crafting a win-win business settlement contract

Discover the top 4 expert tips to create a comprehensive business settlement contract. Gain valuable insights, including the importance of clear language, detailed settlement terms, and long-term implications.
Guide Updated 6 Sept 2023

4 top tips for software suppliers when negotiating software contracts

Unlock valuable insights on negotiating software contracts with these 4 essential steps from technology law experts. From understanding licensing terms to securing favourable terms and conditions, master the art of negotiation to optimise your software agreements.
Guide Updated 8 Feb 2024

4 top tips to protect yourself using a contract for freelance work

Learn four crucial tips for safeguarding your freelance work, revenue, and intellectual property rights for a successful freelance career. From clarifying expectations to getting paid on time, empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate freelancer contracts confidently.
Guide Updated 27 Sept 2023

4 types of SaaS software pricing models: which one is right for your business?

Explore 4 of the most common types of pricing models when it comes to SaaS software. Understand the pros and cons of each model to make an informed decision. Find the ideal pricing strategy to maximise value and customer satisfaction for your business.