Grievance Meeting Letter

This grievance meeting letter template is an invitation letter for a grievance meeting in response to a grievance that an employee has raised. It confirms the date, attendees and meeting location for the initial discussion with the employee. Read more
Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 4 Apr 2024

Grievance letters should be used where an employee or worker has begun a formal grievance process (in accordance with the employer’s grievance policy).

What is this grievance meeting letter?

The basics: this grievance meeting letter confirms when the initial meeting with the individual raising the grievance will be held, who will be in attendance and the location of the meeting (e.g., office address, via Zoom).

An essential tool: It serves as an essential communication tool for addressing employee grievances. It initiates the process by formally inviting the employee to discuss the issues raised in their grievance letter.

Records important details: the letter specifies crucial details to ensure there is transparency with the employee and adhere to the organisation's grievance policy. Additionally, it has the ability to include attachments, such as the investigation report and relevant documentation, providing a comprehensive overview of the case.

Ultimately, this grievance meeting letter aims to facilitate a fair and productive discussion while allowing the employee to confirm their attendance at the meeting and address any specific needs or concerns, ensuring a smooth grievance resolution process.

What are the benefits of using Docue’s grievance meeting letter template?

  1. Clear communication and constructive dialogue: Our grievance meeting letter template offers a well-structured format that ensures your grievances are conveyed clearly and concisely. By utilising this template, you can express your concerns in a manner that encourages open dialogue and resolution.

  2. Compliance and fairness: Our grievance meeting letter template is designed in accordance with English and Welsh employment laws, to help you ensure that your procedure when an employee raises a grievance is fair and compliant. This helps protect both employers and employees from potential legal challenges or disputes.

  3. Guided approach: We understand that grievance procedures can be intimidating, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the process. This grievance meeting letter template provides a structured approach, guiding you through the steps and reducing confusion or misunderstandings.

  4. Efficiency and effectiveness: By using this grievance meeting letter template, you can streamline the grievance process. A well-drafted grievance letter allows you to communicate the issue, highlight areas for improvement and clarify the consequences of further misconduct effectively.

How Docue’s grievance meeting letter template works in practice:

  • Invitation to meeting: This grievance meeting letter is for use after an employee has raised a grievance. It provides a formal invitation for a meeting to discuss the grievances that the employee has raised. It includes basic but essential details such as the meeting date, time and location.

  • Right to be accompanied: The grievance invitation letter will attach or describe where the employer’s grievance policy can be located. It also informs the employee of their right to be accompanied by a fellow employee or trade union representative.

  • Supporting documentation: To facilitate a comprehensive discussion, the template includes options to attach relevant documents such as the investigation report, witness statements, and other relevant documents. These materials offer a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Take the first step towards resolution

Empowerment: At Docue, we believe in proactive and efficient resolution of workplace grievances. Our grievance meeting letter template empowers you to address employee concerns promptly and professionally.

When should this template not be used: This grievance meeting letter should not be used if the grievance hearing has already taken place. If the meeting has already taken place and the employer is writing to the employee to set out the outcome following the grievance process, Docue’s grievance outcome letter template should be used. This letter confirms in writing the outcome of the grievance, and how the individual can dispute the outcome if they disagree (or confirm the grievance process has been exhausted).

Why use Docue?

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 4 Apr 2024

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