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A staff handbook, also known as an employee handbook or manual, is a document provided by a business to its employees. It serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the business's policies, procedures and expectations for its workforce. Read more
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What is this staff handbook template?

The basics: this staff handbook template, also commonly referred to as an employee handbook or personnel manual, is a document provided by an organisation to its employees. It serves as a comprehensive guide that outlines the organisation's policies, procedures, expectations and other relevant information for employees.

A staff handbook is a valuable tool for both employers and employees, providing a clear framework for behaviour, expectations and company policies. It helps establish consistency and fairness in the workplace and can serve as a reference guide for employees seeking information about their rights and responsibilities within the organisation.

Why does my business need a staff handbook?

Benefits everyone: providing a staff handbook is beneficial for both employers and employees. It helps ensure that everyone is aware of the organisation's expectations and policies, leading to, and encouraging, a transparent and consistent work environment. It can also serve as a reference for employees seeking information about their rights and responsibilities.

Clarity and consistency: a staff handbook helps establish clear and consistent expectations for all employees. It provides a centralised source of information about company policies, procedures, and guidelines, reducing confusion and promoting a uniform understanding across the business.

Customised to your business: this staff handbook template can be tailored to reflect the unique aspects of your business, including industry-specific regulations and company culture. This customisation ensures that the handbook is a relevant and effective tool for your business.

What does this staff handbook template include?

Key provisions: Docue’s staff handbook template has the option to include the following provisions:

  1. About the handbook - This section sets out the purpose of the handbook and also clarifies who the handbook applies to (e.g. employees only or employees, contractors and workers).
  2. Company policies - This section includes the option to refer to other policies that the company already has in place, as well as having the option to attach those policies to the handbook.
  3. Code of conduct - This section includes a code of conduct and expected behaviours that employees must adhere to when performing their role.
  4. Performance and development - This section includes the company's policies on performance and development initiatives (e.g. training, performance reviews).
  5. Absences - This section sets out the company's policies in relation to different types of absences from work (e.g. sickness, holidays, compassionate/bereavement leave and long-term absences (such as maternity and paternity leave)). Where statutory payments can be claimed, this section reflects the laws and procedures that relate to those statutory payments and eligibility for them (e.g. statutory maternity/paternity/adoption pay, statutory sick pay).
  6. Equipment - This section sets out the obligations that employees must comply with in relation to any equipment that is provided to them by the company (e.g. IT equipment).
  7. IT and security - This section sets out the policies and standards that employees must comply with when using IT equipment, in order to ensure that such equipment is used in a secure and safe way.
  8. Expenses - This section sets out the company's policy in relation to expenses incurred by employees, including the types of expenses that will be reimbursed by the company. It also sets out the procedure for claiming expenses.
  9. Contact details - This section sets out who is responsible for this handbook and who to contact with any queries about the handbook.

What other policies might my business need?

Attach other policies: this staff handbook template includes the option to attach other, more detailed company policies. This could include, for example:

Why Docue?

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 22 Apr 2024

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