Equal Opportunities Policy Template

This equal opportunities policy template confirms an organisation's commitment to having an inclusive culture, respecting diversity. Read more
Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 11 Sept 2023

Equal opportunities policy – why is it necessary?

Diversity and inclusion: A diverse and inclusive workforce is not just a benefit to a business – it’s a necessity in the modern age. Countless studies have shown that not only do diverse and inclusive companies report higher profits, but they also report happier teams and improved hiring processes. In a 2021 study, four in five candidates globally said diversity and inclusion is at the very top of their priority list.

Importance of this equal opportunities policy template: A diverse and inclusive workforce extends beyond ambitions to create a thriving company culture – there is also the legal infrastructure that a business needs to be aware of when building a team. With that in mind, any business worth its salt should have an equal opportunities policy that confirms its commitment to creating an inclusive culture.

Content of this equal opportunities policy template: This equal opportunities policy template outlines and confirms an organisation’s commitment to having an inclusive culture that respects diversity and equity. It differentiates between actions (or omissions) that breach UK law and voluntary practices an employer can undertake to improve its work culture. It also explains the consequences should an employee breach the policy, and how to report any concerns.

Put the policy into practice: It is important that you embed the policy into your working practices. A policy alone will not protect an employer against a claim of discrimination. In the event of a claim, the court or employment tribunal will examine whether the policy has been put into practice.

Why use Docue's equal opportunities policy template?

With Docue, you can easily create a top-quality equal opportunities policy. The equal opportunities policy template includes model clauses designed by experienced lawyers to help you draft the policy yourself and tailor it to your needs.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 11 Sept 2023

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