Employee Offer Letter Template

This is an employee offer letter template (also known as a job offer letter template) which sets out the key terms of an offer of employment and conditions which must be met before a prospective employee can commence employment. Read more
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What is an employee offer letter template?

The basics: You’ve advertised, you’ve interviewed, and it looks like you’re ready to hire. What’s next? To seal the deal and ensure your chance of successfully securing a new team member, you’ll want to make the most of an employee offer letter. Sending a job offer letter can create a professional impression of your business to prospective employees from day one.

Sets out key terms: While there’s no requirement for a formal job offer letter to be provided to a prospective employee, there may be circumstances where this is justified. This can also be referred to as an employee offer letter or an employment offer letter. This employee offer letter template sets out the key terms of an offer of employment and the conditions which must be met before a prospective employee can commence employment. This might include things like start date, salary, and working hours, alongside any key terms that may have been agreed upon during the hiring process. However the job offer letter template is not an employment contract, and so should be followed up with a legally binding employment contract every time.

Also includes conditions of offer: The employee offer letter template also includes conditions that the prospective employee must comply with in order to be able to formally accept the employment offer. Documenting these conditions can protect the business making the job offer, and avoid any misunderstandings about what is expected of the prospective employee. This includes things like:

  • being free to start the role by a certain date;
  • receipt of job references;
  • sight of ID and  proof of right to work;
  • satisfactory pre-employment checks; and
  • entering into a full employment contract. 

Find out more about offer letters by reading this comprehensive guide.

When do I need to use this employee offer letter template?

When to use this template: You would use this document when offering a job to a prospective employee. You wouldn't, for example, use this document if you were proposing terms of engagement for a self-employed contractor or freelancer.

Assumptions: The employee offer letter template makes a number of assumptions. Firstly, this employee offer letter template assumes that the role being offered to the prospective employee doesn't require them to hold any particular credentials or qualifications. Secondly, this document assumes that the role will be one that requires an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to be undertaken. However these assumptions are easily changeable, you can use our platform to quickly customise the template according to your requirements with just a few clicks.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 17 Apr 2024

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