Content Contributor Agreement

This document ensures that any IP created in the works will be assigned to the company. Read more

What is a content contributor agreement?

When to use: There will be times when you seek the help of third parties to provide content for the business. This might be a skilled consultant or a niche service provider that specialises in your content needs. In this scenario, you’ll need a document that asserts any intellectual property created is the property of the business itself. For this, you’ll need a content contributor agreement.

Situation without agreement: When a company pays for someone (in this example, a consultant or an external service provider) to provide or create content for that company, the intellectual property rights in that content actually automatically belong to the person who created the content. This is different compared to when employees create content for the company, where under English law, the general position is that the company will own the IP rights created by its employees.

Assignment of IP rights: This is where this content contributor agreement comes in handy – this document ensures that any intellectual property created in the works will be assigned to the company. This is often used for copyright, but can also cover other potential IP rights.

Use Docue for high-quality content contributor agreement

Key terms: Docue’s dynamic content contributor agreement covers, among other things, the following matters:

  • Assignment of rights
  • Moral rights
  • Credit and self-promotion
  • Warranties
  • Fee and payment
  • Future royalties
  • Indemnity

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