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A copyright licence is a legally binding agreement that grants permission for a person or entity to use, distribute, or reproduce works that are protected by copyright. Read more
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Topics Updated by a lawyer: 6 May 2024

This copyright licence template allows one party to licence certain rights to use their materials (which are protected by copyright) to another party to use for a defined purpose.

When using this copyright licence template, the relevant parties will need to agree on the works that are being licenced and what the licensee can use those works for. Please note, the licensor (the owner of the copyright) in this agreement retains full ownership. If you intend to assign the copyright (i.e. transfer the copyright from one owner to a new owner), then our assignment of copyright (deed) would be a more suitable template.

What are the key benefits of Docue's copyright licence template?

Effectively licence copyright: Using this copyright licence template will ensure the copyright owner effectively licenses the copyright in a particular work (or multiple works) to the licensee (the party being given permission to use the works) for the agreed purpose.

Control over the use of the works: Licensing works to a licensee gives the owner control over how the works are used, which helps to ensure that the work is used in ways that align with the owner of the works' goals and values.

Monetise your works: By licensing the works, the copyright owner is opening the door to income-generating opportunities and the potential to earn revenue from their use.

Protect both parties: A copyright licence contains legal terms that aim to protect both parties. It aims to protect the intellectual property by establishing clear guidelines and terms for their use. This copyright licence template also includes pro-licensor or pro-licensee terms which, depending on the party that you select you are, will give you the option to include terms that are more favourable for you as the copyright licensor or licensee.

What kind of works can be protected by copyright?

Copyright protects original creative works that have been fixed in a tangible form. Some common types of works that can be protected by copyright include:

  • Literary works - such as books, poems, and software code
  • Dramatic works - such as plays and screenplays
  • Musical works - such as songs and sound recordings
  • Artistic works - such as paintings, sculptures, and graphic designs
  • Audio-visual works - such as films and television programs
  • Films and broadcast works - such as movies, radio and television broadcasts
  • Databases - such as electronic databases and compilations of information

For more information about copyright and other types of intellectual property, check out this blog.

Other types of IP licence template

This copyright licence template should only be used if the parties will only be licensing copyright. If you're looking for a template to licence trade marks, then take a look at our trade mark licence template. Alternatively, if you will be licensing multiple types of intellectual property, check out our IP licence template.

What are the key terms that a copyright licence should include?

Key terms: This copyright licence template includes the following key provisions:

  • Key details relating to the copyright;
  • Grant of rights;
  • Moral rights (this type of IP right cannot be assigned, only waived);
  • Warranties;
  • Price and payment;
  • Indemnity;
  • Limitation of liability; and
  • Termination.

This copyright licence template provides for the licence of copyright under English law.

When should this copyright licence template not be used?

If you intend to transfer the ownership of the copyright rather than granting permission for its use, i.e. assigning the rights from the current copyright owner to a new owner, this template will not be appropriate. Where you intend to transfer the ownership of the copyright, a template for the assignment of copyright would be suitable. Our templates for the assignment of various types of intellectual property can be found below:

Why use Docue?

Simple: Docue’s platform allows you to access and customise a lawyer-made copyright licence template at the click of a button. With Docue’s ultra-modern contract drafting technology, you can complete the document and send it for signature in minutes.

Terms that are favourable to you: This copyright licence template includes model clauses that are pro-licensee or pro-licensor depending on which party you are to the contract. It also includes guidance prepared by our lawyers that supports you through the drafting process.

Safe: After the copyright licence is signed, you can store the contract in Docue’s storage vault to ensure you always have quick and easy access to your contracts in one place.

Transparent fees: Our pricing is clear and cost-effective, we don’t believe in hidden costs buried in the fine print.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 6 May 2024

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