Acceptable Use Policy

A set of terms (alike to website terms and conditions) which specifically govern a website visitor’s use of the function or features of, or information presented on the website. Read more

This document is drafted on standard terms that are not intended to be negotiated, only publicised on the applicable website, and should be available to read through a hyperlink at any point a user can access content or features.

The template contains a set of rules that control website visitors' interaction with the content, the company and other users of the site. The terms allow the company to suspend or revoke access to the website (or certain features or functions of it) where users do not comply with certain content and usage standards, such as through hacking the site or uploading harmful viruses or code, or inputting offensive or illegal content.

This document is not a standalone policy, and should also sit alongside the company’s website terms and conditions, privacy notice and online supply of services/sale of goods terms. The document assumes that readers are both businesses and individuals (B2C and B2B), but does not reflect industry-specific sector rules, such as for financially regulated businesses. You should not use this document if your website users or customers include children, as laws and rules around age-appropriate content and restricting viewing and interaction with children are not included in this draft.

This document assumes that the website company is based and incorporated in the UK, and that English law applies.

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