Website Development Agreement

A website development agreement (also known as a web development contract) is a contract which governs the development of a website, and can also include terms relating to ongoing hosting, support and maintenance services relating to the website. Read more
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What is a website development agreement?

A website development agreement (also known as a web development contract) is an agreement between a web developer and a customer in relation to the design and development of a website for that customer. It describes the way in which the website must be built, when it will be developed and any ancillary services that will be provided to the customer in relation to the website (such as the supplier hosting the website).

Why document a website build?

Know exactly what you are purchasing: For customers purchasing a website, it is essential to clearly set out exactly what is expected in relation to that website. This can be achieved by incorporating a specification into a web developer contract that both parties have agreed the website should be built in accordance with. This can also include key dates and milestones in relation to the website development services, so that business critical dates for parts of the website being built are not missed.

Risk of unexpected restrictions: When the website is built in relation to that specification, the customer’s rights to use the website must be clearly set out in a web developer contract, to avoid potential restrictions on the customer’s use of the website (especially if that website is business critical!). Not being able to access or use a customer-facing website could have a hugely negative impact on a business and its reputation.

What information does a web developer contract include?

Key provisions: This web developer contract template contains key provisions in relation to:

  • the scope of the website development services to be provided - so it is clear what the website should look like and when it needs to be built by;
  • acceptance process - so there is a clear process for agreeing whether or not the website meets the agreed specification;
  • optional warranty - if you are the customer, a warranty can be included to ensure that the website continues to comply with the agreed specification after it is built;
  • domain name registration - so that there is no doubt about which party is responsible for registering the domain name and renewal of the registration;
  • intellectual property right protections - to ensure that the customer’s ability to use the website on an ongoing basis is unrestricted;
  • the charging structure and payment terms - flexibility is offered here, to allow for fixed one-off fees or ongoing payment structures; and
  • caps on liability - to limit the supplier’s potential financial exposure in the event of a claim under the web developer contract.

You can also include ongoing services: The web developer contract template also contains optional clauses to cover the provision of ongoing hosting, support and maintenance services in relation to the website, by the web developer to the customer, if required. These services may include:

  • Hosting services e.g. hosting the website via the supplier's servers;
  • Support services e.g. responding to customer queries and issues when using the website; or
  • Maintenance services e.g. ongoing planned maintenance of the website and repairs when unexpected issues arise

This template web development contract assumes that the parties are contracting B2B, that they are incorporated in the UK, and that English law applies.

Fully customised to meet your requirements

Tailored to protect your interests: This website development agreement template contains alternate clauses depending on whether you are the web developer / supplier of the services or the customer purchasing the website.

What are the differences: For example, the provisions relating to achieving key dates (as well as the indemnities included in the web developer contract) are automatically drafted depending on which party to the web developer contract you are, so they are drafting in your favour and with your interests in mind.

Why Docue?

So easy to use: With Docue, you can create a top-quality web development contract in minutes. The service includes model clauses designed by business lawyers to help you draft the contract yourself and tailor it to your specific needs and requirements.

Full contracting process: Signatures can be collected electronically, and all contracts you make are saved in your company's own contract account in Docue’s secure storage vault. This means all your contracting needs are taken care of in one place.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 17 Feb 2023

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