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This services agreement template (also known as a "supply of services agreement" or "contract for services") should be used where a supplier is selling services to customers either in-store, over the phone or at some other location. Read more
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What is a services agreement?

The basics: This services agreement template defines the terms under which specified services are to be provided to a customer, in return for the payment of a fee by that customer to the service provider / supplier.

Structured to meet your requirements: This services agreement template can be used to create a written contract between a customer and the service provider (that both parties will sign), or alternatively to produce a set of terms and conditions that the service provider can incorporate into its contract with customers in another way (e.g. by referring to those terms and conditions in its order forms). Where the terms and conditions option is used, please see our order form template which can be used to incorporate the terms and conditions into a contract with the customer.

Key provisions: The services agreement template includes key provisions to protect both the service provider and the customer, including:

  • Services scope: the template includes the ability to clearly define what services are being provided (and any out-of-scope services), so there can be no dispute over what is expected by the customer;
  • Performance details: key details relating to the performance of the services (such as when and where they will be provided) can be set out in the template;
  • Service provider obligations: the key obligations relating to how the services are to be performed and the service provider’s obligations in relation to its performance are included;
  • Consumer protections: if the services are being provided to individual consumers, it is a requirement of consumer protection laws in the UK that certain protections are offered to consumers in contracts. This services agreement template includes those protections where you select the option that the customers include consumers;
  • Service provider’s liability: if you are the service provider, the services agreement template includes optional clauses to include limitations and exclusions on your liability and potential financial exposure, in the event that there is a claim by a customer under the contract relating to the service provision; and
  • Termination rights: a section can be included that sets out each party’s right to bring the agreement to an end early.

Find out more about the key clauses to include in a services agreement here.

When should I use this services agreement template?

When to use: This services agreement template allows for the sale of one-off, ongoing or recurring services (provided that it is the same type of services being provided on a recurring basis) to the customer. It is suitable for use with both consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B). This agreement should be used where the supplier is selling services either:

  • in store
  • over the phone or
  • at some other location (for example, the customer's premises).

Other protections: Where this services agreement template is used in a business context, the parties should consider whether they need any extra protections to cover them during the services. For example, whether they need a non-disclosure agreement, or the supplier is processing personal data relating to the customer a data processing agreement).

This services agreement template assumes that both the customer and the business supplying the services (the supplier or service provider) are based or are incorporated in the UK, and that English law applies to the contract.

When should I use a different template?

Online sales: where sales are being concluded with customers online (i.e. via the supplier’s website), online terms and conditions for the supply of services should be used instead of this services agreement template. Use our template online terms for the supply of services in this case.

Multiple services: where a customer will be engaging a service provider to enter into multiple transactions or engagements (i.e. to provide different types of services or to support on different projects), a master services agreement (“MSA”) should be used instead of this services agreement template. The MSA will set out the principal legal terms that define how the parties will transact with each other, their key responsibilities and any expectations. The parties will then enter into a statement of work (“SoW”) in respect of each type of service or project being provided by the service provider.

Software services: if the services being provided are ancillary services to the supply of software (e.g. support services relating to the software use), our software as a service (“SaaS”) agreement should be used instead of this services agreement template.

Read this guide to find out which type of services agreement is right for you.

Why Docue?

Hand-crafted by lawyers: Docue’s supply of services agreement template is lawyer-made, lawyer-maintained, and has lawyer-crafted guidelines to steer you through every stage of drafting an agreement which is right for your business.

Easy to use: Docue allows your business to create, customise, sign, store, and manage your agreements all in one place. Simply click through the intelligent tick box options and text box answers and you’ll have a comprehensive, tailored, and ready-to-use services agreement template in no time.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 26 Feb 2024

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