Data Protection Request Letter

Individuals have the right to request access to the personal data a company holds about them. With this template, you can create a suitable response letter for each data protection request. Read more

Responding to data subject access requests

Right of access: Data subject access requests (or DSARs) are part and parcel of day-to-day compliance with data protection laws. In addition to their existing rights to privacy, individuals (or data subjects) have a right to request the information that a company holds on them.

Obligation to respond: When a data subject submits a data subject access request, you are obliged to respond to it. For this, you would need a suite of documents to help you carry out this process.

Ensure high quality outcome with Docue’s letter template

When to use: You should use these documents when responding to a data subject access request. These documents assume that you are a UK-incorporated company and that English law applies.

Model content for every situation: This document is a suite of letter templates for the:

  • confirmation of receipt of a DSAR (including a request for clarification);
  • confirmation of ID of the data subject;
  • extension of time notification for responding to the DSAR; and
  • a refusal response to the DSAR.

Created by lawyers: Our templates are drafted and maintained by expert data protection lawyers. Our cutting-edge technology combined with our lawyer-made document content allows you to create, customise, e-sign, store and manage your data protection request letters all in one place.

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