Cross-option Agreement Template (Shareholder Policyholders)

This document is a cross-option agreement template between individual shareholders. Read more
Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 29 Jun 2023

What is this cross-option agreement template?

One of the challenges of holding shares in a private limited company is that, generally speaking, the only market for those shares is the company’s other shareholders. If a shareholder, who is also a director or manager of a limited company, was to die or have to leave as a result of their critical or terminal illness, there’s no guarantee that the other shareholders would have the financial resources to purchase their shares. This means that the shares remain locked up in the company until there is some kind of exit, when instead it would be preferable for the shareholder (in the event of their critical or terminal illness) or their personal representatives (in the event of their death) to receive money for those shares.

This cross-option agreement template, sometimes referred to as a ‘business protection agreement’, aims to address the above challenge through the grant of two-way or ‘cross’ options that may be exercised on the death or critical or terminal illness of a shareholder. While not strictly necessary, these options are usually supported by insurance policies that are taken out on the life of a shareholder as a means of providing the financial resources necessary to enable the purchase of their shares.

When do I need to use this cross-option agreement template?

This cross-option agreement template is a cross-option agreement between individual shareholders (who will typically also be directors or managers), whereby each shareholder takes out an insurance policy on their own life, which is then written in trust for the benefit of the other shareholders. Each shareholder grants the other shareholders the right to purchase their shares in the event of their death or, if the policy provides, their critical and/or terminal illness (known as a ‘call option’) and each shareholder also has the right to require the other shareholders to purchase their shares (known as a ‘put option’). For a cross-option agreement between a company and its shareholders, use our cross-option agreement for company policyholders.

It's important that tax advice is obtained when entering into a cross-option agreement, as tax rules are liable to change and a cross-option agreement must not operate as a binding contract for the purchase of shares if the estate of a deceased shareholder is to receive business property relief from inheritance tax on the value of the shares.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 29 Jun 2023

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