Consultancy or Freelance Service Agreement

This Consultancy or Freelance Agreement is a contract to be used where you are engaging an individual to carry out work for your business. Read more

What is a consultancy or freelance service agreement?

Needed in many situations: In your company lifecycle you’re bound to have peaks and troughs in work that require the input of a consultant or freelancer. Perhaps your business requires short-term expertise that you don’t expect to hire in the long run. Or perhaps your company is undertaking an ambitious project that simply requires a few extra hands. In this scenario, you would need a consultancy or freelance service agreement.

Not an employee: This is an agreement to be used where you are engaging an individual to carry out work for your business, but you are not employing them. The term 'Consultant' is a general term to describe such a person, but you may call them a ‘Sub-contractor’, ‘Contractor’, 'Freelancer' or 'Adviser' depending on what they're doing for you.

When would you use this document?

You would use this agreement when you need someone to carry out work for your business, but you don't want to employ someone. That individual would be an independent consultant and free to work with whoever they want, whenever they want and would generally be able to decide where and how they provide their services to you.

What are the key terms of a consultancy or freelance agreement?

It's important to put an agreement like this in place to ensure that no disputes arise over what a consultant or freelancer agreed to do for you, the standards or requirements they were expected to meet, when and how they should be paid and who should own the intellectual property rights in anything they create.

Why Docue?

The template includes clause-by-clause guidance to help you through the drafting process. You’ll have a comprehensive, tailored, and ready-to-use consultancy or freelance service agreement in no time. All Docue’s templates are lawyer-made and maintained.

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