Collaboration Agreement Template

A collaboration agreement is a contract that sets out the terms between multiple parties that are co-operating together or work collaboratively on a commercial project. Read more

What is a collaboration agreement?

The basics: A collaboration agreement is a contract that sets out the legal terms and conditions that apply where more than one party agrees to work together on a particular project or venture (sometimes known as a commercial joint venture).

What does the collaboration agreement template cover? This collaboration agreement template covers a range of issues, from the purpose and scope of the collaboration and the responsibilities and obligations of each party to the ownership and use of intellectual property. It also includes the option to include clauses that clarify how the project will be funded, and how revenue generated from the project will be shared.

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When do I need to use this collaboration agreement template?

Wide range of projects: This collaboration agreement template can be used for a range of different projects and ventures, where more than one party are working together. This could include:

  • Creative projects: If you are collaborating with other artists or creative professionals on a project, such as a film, music album, or book, a collaboration agreement can help you define the respective contributions of each party, the ownership and use of intellectual property arising from the project, and how revenue from the project can be shared.

  • Research projects: If you are working with other researchers or institutions on a research project, a collaboration agreement can help you clearly define the scope of the project, the ownership of intellectual property from the research and each party’s role in the research process.

  • Commercial joint ventures: If you are planning to embark on some new business with another party, a collaboration agreement can help you define the roles and responsibilities of each partner, the allocation of funding contributions, and revenue sharing arrangements.

  • Other types of collaborations: This collaboration agreement template can also be used for many other types of collaborative projects too, including product development projects, joint marketing initiatives, or strategic alliances.

How can my business benefit from using Docue's collaboration agreement template?

Protect your business: Working with another business on a project or venture can be a great way to grow and develop your business. However, working with a third party can also open your business up to risks if proper protections are not put in place - Docue’s collaboration agreement template can protect your business in a number of ways:

  1. Benefit from shared resources - using this collaboration agreement template can help you to clearly define each party’s role in relation to the project. This can make it clear which party is expected to provide which inputs to the project, whilst benefiting from using shared resources on the project. You can even add a detailed project plan to the collaboration agreement template to clarify this further if you’d like to.

  2. Protect your intellectual property rights - one of the key risks with working with another party is ensuring that your intellectual property rights are protected. The collaboration agreement template includes clauses that protect and clarify ownership rights in relation to:

  • Background IPR - this is IPR that a party already owns at the date that this agreement is entered into, but that is being used in the project. The party that owns the IPR at the date of the agreement will remain the owner of that IPR, but will grant a licence to the other party to enable them to be able to use it in connection with the project; and
  • Created IPR - this is IPR that is created during the project, and you can choose how ownership will be dealt with, from joint ownership to the party that creates the IPR being its sole owner.
  1. Avoid disputes and misunderstandings - a written agreement between parties can also provide a mechanism for resolving disputes between the parties if they arise in the future, including how decisions are made and how disagreements are resolved. A clause can be included in the collaboration agreement template that includes a clear mechanism for dispute resolution, so that if things do go wrong there is a firm process in place to try and fix them, without damaging your business.

What does Docue's collaboration agreement template include?

Key provisions: Docue’s dynamic collaboration agreement template includes the option to include the following clauses, amongst others:

  1. Collaboration - each party’s obligations in relation to the project, and how the parties will work together to achieve the project's aim;
  2. Project management - a clear project management process to ensure the collaborative project runs smoothly;
  3. Exclusivity - if the project is exclusive (so neither party can work with others on a similar project) an exclusivity clause can be included;
  4. Intellectual property rights - so it is clear which party owns the intellectual property rights in any outputs from the project;
  5. Funding contributions - so it is clear how the project is being funded (including via external funding such as government grants);
  6. Revenue sharing - an optional clause to clarify how any revenue generated from the project will be shared;
  7. Confidential information - to protect any secrets shared during the project;
  8. Non-solicitation - to prevent the other party from “poaching” employees;
  9. Records and audit - a right to inspect the other party’s records in relation to the project;
  10. Data protection - if you will be sharing personal data as part of the project, there is an option to include a reference to our data sharing agreement;
  11. Liability - the option to include exclusions on each party’s liability and a liability cap; and
  12. Termination - how to bring the agreement to an end early.

Find out more about what to include in your agreement here.

What other templates may be useful before using this collaboration agreement template?

Start negotiations off well: When looking to work with another party on a collaborative project, there can be lengthy discussions and planning before it is time to enter into a collaboration agreement and start the project. To help with effective discussions and to speed up negotiations, you should consider using our heads of terms template.

How can Docue help my business?

Lawyer drafted template: This collaboration agreement template has been drafted by lawyers and can easily be tailored to suit your collaborative project. The template contains guidance notes from our lawyers throughout to help you produce a high-quality collaboration agreement in no time.

Save time: Docue’s simple collaboration agreement template is quick and easy to use, so you can free up your time to get started working on your collaborative project.

Create your collaboration agreement with confidence: You can rest assured that you will produce a high-quality collaboration agreement using our dynamic lawyer-drafted collaboration agreement template. Our smart template builder technology and built-in lawyer-written drafting guidelines will allow you to create a collaboration agreement bespoke to your project in a matter of clicks.

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