Proposal Document Template

A proposal document (or a business proposal) is a written document that outlines the proposed scope of work to be provided by a supplier. It will be provided to the proposed client with the intention of winning that work, either as part of a formal bid process or more informally. Read more

What is this proposal document template?

The basics: A proposal document (or a business proposal, bid or pitch) is a document that sets out the details of goods or services (or even something else e.g software) that it is proposed will be supplied, in the event the proposal is accepted by the client. It includes commercial details relating to the same, including details of the goods/services that would be supplied and the price payable for those items. The proposal document template can be used to incorporate other legal terms and conditions as well.

When will this proposal document template be needed?

Formal vs informal bid processes: There are two main situations where a proposal document template may be needed:

  1. Formally solicited proposals: sometimes clients will formally ask prospective suppliers to "bid" for a piece of work by submitting proposals showing how they could carry out that work. These are sometimes called RFP (request for proposal), RFI (request for information) or IFB (invitation for bid).
  2. Informal or unsolicited business proposals: this could be where the customer is not asking for competing proposals and there tend to therefore be fewer formal requirements. It may follow a conversation with a customer where they have asked for an outline of work, but it is not part of a formal bid process with other suppliers, or it could be that the supplier is approaching a prospective client on an unsolicited basis.

Many uses: Proposal documents can be used in a range of situations. For example, they are often used in formal business negotiations, project planning, funding requests, grant applications, sales pitches, and various other situations.

Why do I need a proposal document template?

Professional work proposals: Proposal documents can be a crucial tool for getting across ideas, work proposals, or services in a structured and persuasive way to potential clients.

Other benefits: Using a proposal document can also benefit your business in other ways:

  1. Consistency: using a proposal document template ensures consistency in the format, structure, and branding of your business proposals. This consistency can help to create a professional and polished image for your business.
  2. Efficiency: using a proposal document template can save time by providing a pre-designed framework that you can reuse for different proposals. This means you don't have to start from scratch each time you create a new proposal, significantly speeding up the process.
  3. Adaptability: whilst this proposal document template provides a structured framework, it is also fully customisable. You can customise it to suit the unique needs and requirements of each proposal, tailoring the content while maintaining a consistent format.
  4. Competitive advantage: a well-structured business proposal can set your business apart from competitors who may use less professional or consistent formats.

Find out more about how using a proposal document template can benefit your business here.

What does Docue’s proposal document template include?

Dynamic template: Docue’s dynamic proposal document template includes the option to include the following sections, to suit your needs:

  • Parties - details of the parties, which will usually be a supplier and a customer, are set out in the proposal document template;
  • Executive summary - this section is a key part of the proposal and will summarise the case for you winning the business and give the key takeaways that the supplier wants the client to have;
  • Proposal details - this is the core of the proposal document template, and includes the commercial detail of the proposal (e.g. details of the goods / services to be provided and the price payable);
  • Terms and conditions - this section can be used to incorporate legal terms into the proposal document, if required;
  • Your own sections - if there are specific details that you want to include in your business proposal document, you can add your own sections and content; and
  • Signature - the order form includes an optional signature section, so that both parties can sign the proposal document to show their agreement to the terms and acceptance of the content, if required.

Why Docue?

Quick and easy: Docue’s proposal document template is easy to use and will allow you to create a customised business proposal document for your business in just minutes. Docue’s lawyer-drafted guidance notes are there to guide you through the process, so that your business can have a consistent and streamlined approach to its bid process.

Full contract process: After your proposal document has been created, you can use Docue’s e-signature feature to quickly get the proposal document signed. All your signed proposal documents can then be safely stored in one place, using Docue’s secure storage.

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