Loan Note Certificate Template

This document is a loan note certificate that a company can use to certify that it has issued loan notes. Read more
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Topics Updated by a lawyer: 29 Jun 2023

What is this loan note certificate template?

The basics: This document is a loan note certificate with which a company certifies the holders of its issued loan notes.

How do I use Docue's loan note certificate template?

Loan note instrument: This loan note certificate template should be used in conjunction with Docue's loan note instrument template which is the legal agreement that will be signed by the company setting out the terms on which notes may be issued to multiple noteholders.

Signed as a deed: The loan note certificate will be signed by the company as a deed. To meet the legal formalities for signing deeds, it must therefore be signed by either (i) two directors; (ii) one director and the company secretary; or (iii) one director in the presence of a witness.

What information does Docue's loan note certificate template include?

Key information: the loan note certificate template includes:

  1. Details of the company issuing the loan notes;
  2. Details of the noteholder(s);
  3. The amount of loan notes held by the company, and the amount being issued to the noteholder(s);
  4. The interest rate on the loan notes;
  5. Whether or not the loan notes are transferrable; and
  6. The governing law and jurisdiction that applies to the loan note certificate.

Why Docue?

With Docue, you can create a loan note certificate in just a matter of minutes. The loan note certificate template is fully customisable to suit your circumstances, so you can easily produce a tailored loan note certificate for your company.

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Legislation GB-EAW
Topics Updated by a lawyer: 29 Jun 2023

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