Email Disclaimer Template

An email disclaimer is a legal notice that is included at the bottom of an email, to inform the recipient who the email is from and what their rights and obligations are in relation to that email. Read more

Why include an email disclaimer?

The basics: An email disclaimer is a legal notice that is included at the bottom of an email, the main purpose of which is to provide legal protection to your business.

Purpose of an email disclaimer: The purpose is to tell the recipient who you are, and what they can and cannot do with the email you have sent to them. For example, it can tell the recipient about the confidential nature of an email or about how their personal data is used.

What does Docue's email disclaimer template include?

  1. Details of your business - the email disclaimer will include additional information about your business, including your address and, if applicable, your company registration number, VAT number and FCA number.
  2. Marketing opt-out - if you send marketing communications via email, you should give the recipient the ability to opt-out of those marketing emails and stop receiving future communications. Opt-out options can be included in the email disclaimer.
  3. Confidentiality - a lot of emails include confidential information between the sender and the recipient that you would not want to be shared with third-parties. Wording can be included that tells the recipient to treat the contents of the email in a confidential manner.
  4. Virus disclaimer - the email disclaimer can include wording that excludes liability for viruses, and instead puts the onus on the recipient to ensure that the email and its contents are virus free.
  5. Data protection - it is a requirement of data protection laws in the UK to tell individuals how and why you use their personal data in the course of your business. This information will be given to individuals via a privacy notice. We recommend including a link to your privacy notice in your email disclaimer so that the privacy information is easily accessible by individuals.

This email disclaimer template assumes that the business sending the email is based in the UK and is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

Why Docue?

With Docue, you can create top-quality email disclaimer wording in minutes. The email disclaimer template includes model clauses designed by business lawyers to help you draft the wording yourself and tailor it to your needs.

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