Legal Document Management Meets the Digital Age

Manage, store and access all your organisation’s legal documents, business contracts and corporate agreements in one secure place

Dynamic storage for all your legal documents

Docue’s archiving system saves your legal agreements and business contracts in secure, smart folders, protecting them from any unauthorised access. While traditional archiving systems often leave you and your business vulnerable to loss or corruption of information due to floods, fires or incompetent administrative staff, Docue eliminates those risks completely.

Your archive, unlimited

With Docue your documents are in a limitless archive. All information related to your documents is systematically managed for optimal organisation. And the best bit? You get all the space you need, including for documents generated outside Docue, without any extra cost.

Stay compliant

Docue ensures all your legal documents can be stored securely in one place. But the benefits don’t end there, our team of highly-qualified in-house lawyers also push updates to all templates provided via the Docue platform any time the law changes. You’ll never have to follow regulatory updates for your contract templates again, we’ll always do it for you.

Easily control who sees what

Invite employees within your company to access the archive or share specific documents with people outside your organisation via secure links or role based user groups. Stay in control with flexible permissions and version tracking–it's a better experience for everyone.

Smarter search and document retrieval

The Docue archive comes with a powerful, intuitive search functionality. Retrieve any document quickly and easily among any number of files. Search for the agreement you need by customisable criteria from signing date to client name to legal matter and more.

Security as a Service

Docue is designed to keep your contracts and corporate documents secure. Our most recent security audit was performed by elfGROUP Cyber ​​Security Services Ltd. It is of the utmost importance to Docue that customer credentials and documentation remain securely stored. The finished dossier is available to authorised registered users only and is stored securely and properly backed up.

Backup, done better

Docue is safer than conventional backup solutions, which typically require time-consuming manual steps that don’t rule out the risk of fatal data loss. With Docue your documents are saved, backed-up and secured–all automatically after each press of a button.

Never miss a contract deadline

Stay up-to-date with important contract milestones and deadlines with Docue’s notifications. Get automated alerts, set calendar reminders for yourself and others and track the life-cycle of your documents without hassle.

"I've used several systems and I have to say Docue is one of the best. The service is the simplest and most intuitive user experience I've used."

Tommi Saari CEO,

SSA Group

SSA Group

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