Data Breach Policy

This document is an internal policy for staff to revert to if they suspect or become aware of a personal data breach. Read more

What is a data breach policy?

Importance: There are few things so dreaded in the world of business as a data breach. In recent years, headlines have been smothered in reports of hefty fines, broken consumer trust, and mismanagement of personal data – all thanks to a data breach. As you can imagine, a data breach policy is a particularly useful document to have in your portfolio.

Internal document: This document is an internal policy for staff to revert to if they suspect or become aware of a personal data breach. A personal data breach is the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data caused by an information security breach.

Clear rules for staff: Regardless of how the breach occurs, you should use this document to set out the rules under data protection law to instruct your staff on what to do, step by step. For example, your company has 72 hours to inform the ICO (where practicable) of an actual or suspected data breach, and your staff will need to know what information to provide, how, where and who to provide it to.

Assumptions: This document assumes that your company collects and processes personal data, that your company has an IT/tech or other dedicated team/member of staff (for example, a DPO) in place to deal with and take leadership for resolving data breaches. This document also assumes that English law applies.

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