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Docue helps fast-growing tech companies create, sign and manage high-quality, legally-valid business agreements in minutes rather than hours

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Contract creation—Draft legally-valid contracts and legal documents in minutes, not hours.

Advanced eSignatures—Add and request legally-binding signatures at the click of a button.

Ask a lawyer—Get real-time support from a team of UK based lawyers. Via chat or email.

Contract lifecycle—Proactively negotiate better renewals  and never miss a deadline with our auto-reminders.

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All the legal templates you need

Use our extensive template library of always-up-to-date lawyer-built contracts and and legal documents covering multiple areas relevant to every business (Employment, Commercial, Corporate, Finance, Intellectual Property, and Data Protection). Docue saves you the trouble of searching for templates and the expense of consulting lawyers by providing hundreds of highly customisable template contracts and legal documents with smart tick box options and pre-designed content menus, all in one place.

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eSign anywhere, anytime

Easily send and sign contracts at the click of a button. Add and request legally binding e-signatures to multiple contracts digitally, simply and quickly. Grant signing access to individuals or teams with role based permissions you can edit at any time. You can also send signature requests to external recipients who don’t have a Docue user account, they will still be able to sign the document via the Docue platform

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Support from expert lawyers

Ask a Lawyer provides you with support in real time. Our team of qualified, UK based lawyers will answer your contract related questions to help you create the best possible draft. Benefit from the certainty of real time lawyer support. Get any document related question answered at no extra cost—simply start a chat right inside the app.

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Next gen contract and legal document archiving and alerts

Docue’s intelligent storage solution automatically identifies and categorises all your contracts and legal documents. And we’ve made search smart. Instantly find documents and document history according to flexible search criteria. Finally, our alert system will help you keep track of contract deadlines and proactively negotiate renewals.

How Tech companies are using Docue

Docue provides comprehensive contract and legal document templates across multiple business law practice areas (including Commercial, Corporate, Employment, Finance, Intellectual Property, and Data Protection). A few examples of the templates we provide include Non-disclosure agreements, Supply agreements (goods and/or services), Online terms for sale/supply (goods and/or services), Consultancy agreement, SaaS agreements, Employment contracts and much more.

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100,000+ Customers Manage Contracts with Docue. Here's What They're Saying.


"With the help of Docue, we got rid of even the last papers, that is, our engagement contracts that are printed for signing. Today, we draw up all contracts with Docue with electronic signatures"

Anu Reniers

Managing Director, Paperless

"We have had a very good experience using the service! The format of the contracts is neat and functional. The automation of the service is also really convenient. At best, a contract or other document is done in 10 minutes. several dozen a month, so the time savings are huge. "

Jouko Pannula

Entrepreneur, BRAND premises

Accelerate revenue & unlock efficiencies with the all-in-one legal tech platform

Stop wasting time on manually drafting, emailing, printing and scanning contracts, and give your teams a fully digitalised contracts and legal document platform that optimises the entire contract management life-cycle- from draft to signature, from signature to storage, and from storage to real time implementation of obligations and rights.